Brainspace Announces Major New Release of Flagship Investigative Analytics Solution

Formerly Brainspace Discovery, rebranded Brainspace 6 adds powerful new visualizations, continuous learning workflow

September 21, 2017

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DALLAS - September 21, 2017 — Brainspace today announced the release of Brainspace 6, formerly Brainspace Discovery, a significant redesign of the company's flagship analytics solution used by law firms, enterprises, and government agencies to quickly understand large volumes of data during litigation, investigations, and regulatory requests. In the face of the explosion of enterprise data, analytics has become a critical requirement for efficiently reviewing unstructured data such as documents and email. Brainspace's pioneering analytics and visualization capabilities enable rapid understanding of large data collections.

Key Features

  • Brainspace's user interface, centered around powerful and interactive data visualizations, has been redesigned from the ground up. The unique combination of Brainspace's core technology and interactive visualizations is exemplified in the latest version of the product's widely-imitated wheel visualization, which offers an extraordinary user experience on top of new unsupervised learning algorithms.
  • Powerful new tools for working with email and other human communications - new visualizations for conversation analysis and email threads enable simple navigation of communication chains and pattern identification, while updates to conversation analysis provide insight into large scale communication patterns.
  • Continuous Multimodal Learning (CMML) workflow, which exemplifies the tight coupling of algorithms and interface design. CMML integrates state-of-the-art machine learning with Brainspace's flexible new tagging system, allowing a user to train the software to recognize multiple topics from within any of Brainspace 6's visualizations.

"Brainspace 6 leverages some of the industry's latest technologies to enable innovative visualizations that are highly performant and interactive," said Ravi Sathyanna, vice president of Technology at Brainspace. "Our goal with this release is to empower users to have an insightful conversation with their data. Our analytics provide multiple perspectives to help analysts quickly arrive at well-informed decisions. Brainspace 6 has been architected and built to support specific workflows for the e-discovery and investigative markets while incorporating a great deal of flexibility to meet the variety of unique needs of our customers."

"Predictive coding does not have to be a standalone, heavyweight workflow, whether you call it TAR 1, TAR 2, or TAR 99," says Dave Lewis, Brainspace's chief data scientist. "CMML allows investigators to bootstrap scraps of information into powerful predictive models while pursuing lines of evidence in the fashion they find most natural."

"Considering the current volumes of electronic data, it's often not ideal to conduct critical investigations using traditional search methods and review tools," said Kelli Brooks, principal, Forensic Technology Services at KPMG. "Brainspace's analytics provide an excellent combination of powerful workflows and machine learning to augment the intelligence and efficiency of our team."

Brainspace CEO Dave Copps says Brainspace 6 is the culmination of a long-standing vision and a major step forward for teams who require superior machine learning and analytics capabilities.

"Brainspace has always been a pioneer in analytics for unstructured data. Our machine learning has evolved analytics beyond static charts into interactive visualizations that enable users to engage directly with machine intelligence," said Copps. "The industry has awakened to the centrality of analytics and machine learning ­to the investigative process. Brainspace 6 represents a quantum leap forward for machine learning, and we've rebranded the product to better showcase our core brand and reflect our continued expansion into new use cases and markets."

Brainspace 6 is available today.

About Brainspace

Brainspace, a Cyxtera Business, is altering the field of digital investigations through the unique combination of machine learning technology and interactive data visualizations. Our unique solutions utilize our patented Brainspace platform and are leading the industry in text analytics, e-discovery, digital investigations and defense intelligence. Customers include Fortune 500 enterprises, global consulting firms, legal service providers and government agencies.