David Murphy

Director, Channel & Partner Marketing

David Murphy drives the marketing activities for Cyxtera’s alliance and channel partners. His work encompasses the development and execution of go-to-market strategies for collaborative solutions from Cyxtera technology and business partners. His experience in information technology and colocation includes his time at CenturyLink, where he promoted data center expansions, thought-leadership activities, and events.

A seasoned marketing professional, Murphy held global marketing management roles at Elekta, a leader in radiation therapy, as well as Millipore Sigma, a global science and technology company. He also worked at advertising agencies including J. Walter Thompson, Saatchi & Saatchi, The Wolf Group, and Atkinson Marketing. His experience in articulating the brand messages for technical solutions in compelling and relevant ways has been an essential skill in his career.

Murphy received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Connecticut College. He has also taken graduate-level courses at the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School and Harvard University.

Past Articles


An AI Idea to Production Cycle: Cyxtera Works With NVIDIA to Deliver Speed and Accuracy Where It Counts

Artificial intelligence represents a major growth area for startups. According to research, investors have invested $29.5 billion into AI startups in the first half of this year, surpassing the total for 2020, which was...

David Murphy • 4 minute read

AI/ML, Enterprise Bare Metal, Channel Partners


Data Storage – Planning for Massive Growth

We live in a global economy driven by data intensive transactions. Inside your home, you have dozens of goods relying on IoT technology. Need to go to the store? Hop into the car, or as it should be called, “mobile...

David Murphy • 2 minute read

Hybrid IT, Colocation, Marketplace


451 Research Interconnection Series: Classifying Workloads for Edge Affinity

How are enterprises classifying select workloads for their edge affinity? 451 Research and Cyxtera discuss. All applications are different and as such require different latency tolerance and mission criticality. These...

David Murphy • 1 minute read

Hybrid IT, Colocation

Data Centers

451 Research Interconnection Series: What are Some Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Use Cases?

What are the Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Use Cases? 451 Research and Cyxtera discuss. Hybrid and multi-cloud is the future for most enterprises. As you investigate your strategy, it’s best to focus on the use cases that make the...

David Murphy • 1 minute read

Hybrid IT, Connectivity

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