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Written by Chris Steffen on January 16, 2018

Consistent Security across Hybrid Cloud: AppGate Insight

Security techniques used in on-premises systems are not designed to perform at cloud scale. These techniques have cost models unsuitable for elastic cloud workloads with their unique security needs. However, today hybrid data center architectures are the norm. Enterprises are running multiple on-premises and cloud workloads.

The result? Workloads are running without adequate security protection. The addition of new virtualization techniques, such as containers, simply magnifies the security risk. Thus, server workloads in modern hybrid data centers using private and public cloud need a security strategy – a cloud-native approach to network traffic visualization and workload segmentation. This is vastly different from traditional security agents on on-premises systems.

Cloud Security, Compliance and Visibility Challenges

Cloud adoption brings network security, compliance and visibility challenges. Consider that:

  • Any cloud management integrated solutions need to be compatible and effective across all the major public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, VMware and GCP.
  • Security must scale up and down based on demand as cloud native applications scale elastically, based on usage. This is a huge change from the traditional approach of running agents on on-premise servers.
  • Encryption of data-at-rest plays more a critical role in the cloud than in on-premises data centers.
  • Cloud requires automated and adaptive security controls for quick deployments as organizations scale up and down or as workloads are created and deleted.
  • By 2020, 99% of vulnerabilities exploited will continue to be ones that have been known by security and IT professionals for at least one year according to Gartner. Most successful attacks will be rooted in missing patches, misconfiguration or mismanagement.

CISOs Want Visibility & Control

At a recent tradeshow, many CISO's stated that visibility and control of cloud workloads is vital for security and to minimize the infrastructure attack surface. Most organizations felt it’s a fundamental necessity to monitor and track the various network configurations due to the highly-dynamic nature of the public cloud and unlimited amount of scalable resources.

Envisage a scenario where several administrators in an organization added configurations to their AWS cloud leading to an inevitable misconfiguration. Or where hundreds of constantly shifting rules across multiple security groups and VPCs result in an inescapable security loophole apart from being an ordeal for network management.

Another challenge is how to address frequent security setting modifications by developers and engineers to fix a problem. By not restricting access and allowing these changes to become permanent, the organizations is inevitably opening its doors for a future cyber-attack.

Importance of Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms, as named by Gartner, address the unique requirements of server workload protection in modern hybrid data center architectures that span on-premises, physical and virtual machines (VMs) and multiple public cloud environments. Ideally, they also support container-based application architectures.

Some of the core capabilities of vendors in this space include:

  • Configuration and vulnerability management
  • Network segmentation
  • Isolation and traffic visibility
  • System integrity measurement
  • Attestation and monitoring
  • Application control
  • Memory protection, including exploit prevention.

Introducing AppGate Insight

AppGate Insight is an innovative cloud security solution which provides powerful intelligence through unique visualization of public and private cloud environments. Deploying AppGate Insight is quick – it only takes a few minutes. With support for private, public or hybrid cloud environments, AppGate Insight brings cloud-native security to every application. By providing consistent control with policy management and enforcement across cloud platforms, AppGate Insight helps accelerate system wide threat responses.

Apart from its rich visibility, some of the key features that AppGate Insight provides:

  • Analysis into an organization's East-West traffic patterns, using a metadata centric approach such that the network administration is simple and easy.
  • AppGate Insight regulates unauthorized access to policy management within organization's cloud environments by providing a means to tighten existing security policies.
  • Multi-cloud support for organizations' to hugely benefit from continuing to remain lean and agile as they grow.

Get an overview of AppGate Insight or review some of the features and benefits.