Cyxtera Blog: Appgate

Written by Jason Garbis on June 05, 2018

Making Zero-Trust Network Security Achievable for Everyone

Adopting a modern security architecture can be a real challenge. Enterprise IT and security teams struggle to secure access to networks while users demand access from any device, anywhere in the world.

This challenge is exacerbated by the overall IT and security skills shortage and the complexity of today’s rapidly changing and heterogeneous environments.  

Most organizations to date use traditional network tools that leverage a ‘trusted user’ model where once a user gains access, he or she gains access to the entire network. But in a world where trust cannot be assumed, there is a desire to adopt modern, zero-trust security approaches. An approach that once again poses challenges for organizations that may not have the resources to implement it. 

However, without adopting modern security architectures based on zero-trust, such as a Software-Defined Perimeter, many organizations will be unable to realize the benefits of consistent, identity-centric secure access across hybrid environments.  

The good news is that today, enterprises have viable options other than sticking with traditional security solutions (VPNs, NACs, or next-gen firewalls) and hoping for the best. The advent of “as a service” offerings lets organizations overcome IT skills shortages while accelerating deployment of modern security architectures.    

Introducing AppGate as a Service

In support of this ‘as-a-Service’ trend, we are pleased to announce AppGate as a Service, our newest services offering.  

AppGate as a Service helps organizations quickly and easily obtain the benefits of the market’s leading Software-Defined Perimeter, while taking advantage of Cyxtera’s expert service. This secure access service not only improves security, but also frees up operational staff resources to focus on strategic business projects.  

Available as two levels of service, organizations of any size can utilize Cyxtera’s turnkey deployment for an easy start to their SDP journey. Customers opting for the Managed Platform service can rely on Cyxtera to deploy, monitor, and maintain their AppGate SDP infrastructure, letting them focus on user access policies. Alternatively, Customers can select the Managed Access option, in which Cyxtera develops and manages user access policies and network entitlements.  

Whichever option is right for your business, we are looking forward to working with you on your journey to a resilient, secure, and more responsive zero-trust network.  

To learn more about AppGate as a Service, access the datasheet.

If you'd like to speak with a member of the Cyxtera team to learn more about AppGate as a Service, contact us.