Announcing the Cyxtera Partner Network

Cyxtera Technologies • September 25, 2017 • 2 minute read

Channel Partners in Business

The Cyxtera Partner Network, formalizing and commercializing our partner strategy. Over the past six months, we’ve focused on three key components as we launch our channel strategy:

  • Building the Team: Partnerships are built between people. Cyxtera is committed to building partnerships by supporting each of our partners and helping them succeed, win new business and gain market share. What many of you are already finding as you engage my team is that they are passionate and committed. Whether you need assistance, responding to an RFP, a data center tour, support for a board presentation or an internal sales training, you’ll find, energy, enthusiasm and most importantly considerable domain expertise – all aimed at helping you win business.
  • Frictionless Business Processes: Rarely in your career do you have the privilege of building a brand new program but one that is already underpinned by such significant existing business and infrastructure. What makes Cyxtera so unique in the channel space is that we are fast and nimble, operating with the agility of a start-up and the business footprint of a market leader. This allows us to implement best of breed tools and processes. Our goal is to make engagement with Cyxtera frictionless, allowing you to do everything from gaining access to our subject matter experts, tools to help you succeed and to ensuring fast and reliable payment for the deals you close.
  • Meeting our partners: Meeting with each of you has without question been my top priority. Over the past many months, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time out in the field meeting with our partners. This is my personal commitment to each of our partners and one that I also expect of my team.

By focusing on these critical deliverables and enjoying tremendous support and commitment from our executive team and board of directors, we believed we’re launching a differentiated and well-constructed program, and a global ecosystem of partners. You’ll find a broad community made up of agents, resellers, infrastructure providers, service providers, independent software vendors and real estate brokers; all of whom share the common denominator of solving technology problems for enterprises and government agencies.

What you’ll experience as we continue to grow and evolve the Cyxtera Partner Network is an unwavering commitment to drive business through robust support, guided by processes and tools that makes your engagements with Cyxtera smooth, intuitive and above all else, rewarding.

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