Leaning In to AI/ML Workloads

Holland Barry • January 12, 2022 • 2 minute read

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Cyxtera partners with Radium to facilitate AI/ML workloads

At Cyxtera, we’re committed to enabling innovators and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs built the Cyxtera, and it’s their entrepreneurial spirit that’s woven throughout the fabric of our company. And, it’s what continues to push us to develop solutions and seek out partnerships that foster startups and forward-looking companies that are on the leading edge of innovation and moving the tech needle forward.

Artificial intelligence (AI) might be in its infancy (only time will tell how far along we are) but enterprises across multiple verticals have seen the future and the future is AI. There’s a significant gap — thanks mostly to a lack of compute power and the exorbitant CapEx costs associated with purchasing the required infrastructure — in where companies want to be on their AI journey and where they are. The combination of these hurdles means that young companies as well as many SMEs could easily get left out of the AI/ML movement.

Because we’re passionate about giving innovators a leg up, regardless of their company’s size or funding stage, we’ve partnered with Radium to ensure that its new cloud platform — Radium Launchpad — can reach deep into key markets. Our partnership means that the Radium Cloud platform, which was purpose-built for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning workloads, will reside in multiple key-market data centers, including Toronto, Silicon Valley, and New York City (look for more markets to come online soon). Up until now the norm has been for leading cloud providers to offer these services out of state further hindering AI/ML adoption.

Radium Launchpad users will benefit from the lowest latency cloud (thanks in part to our AI/ML Cyxtera Compute as a Service), flexibility, and scalability, while also having direct access to best-of-breed infrastructure solutions. Our global platform and scalable interconnection solutions combine the security and control of dedicated infrastructure with the flexibility and speed of cloud, providing Radium and its customers with a reliable foundation to grow their businesses as their workloads scale without the need for large capital outlays or over-provisioning.

Radium is breaking the mold of cloud automation with its Launchpad ecosystem, enabling a simple process for provisioning, configuration, and deployment, and we're excited to be working with them to positively impact the AI/ML community. We will continue to support entrepreneurs with even more creative solutions and partnerships. It’s what we do.

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Holland Barry Senior Vice President and Field CTO, Cyxtera

Holland Barry

Senior Vice President and Field CTO, Cyxtera