PacketFabric Added to Cyxtera’s Ecosystem

Cyxtera Technologies • November 11, 2021 • 2 minute read

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Subscription-based Connectivity Cloud Enables Faster Implementation, Multi-Cloud Routing, and Private Point-to-Point Connectivity

92% of enterprises have a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy today, according to the latest Flexera State of the Cloud report. These enterprises are running large portions of their applications, workloads, disaster recovery, and data integrations across private and public clouds. With more mission-critical traffic moving across this new hybrid and multi-cloud core architecture, IT teams are increasingly focused on reducing performance and security risks. This means getting smarter about building resiliency and diversifying away from single-cloud data center locations and saturated carrier hotel choke points. This in turn has created the need for better connectivity options. Enterprises are realizing VPN tunnel performance can be unreliable and subject to the whims of public internet availability. Network teams and application engineers demand high performance and reliable, low-latency connections between their applications. However, legacy telco solutions are slow to provision, are inflexible, and often backhaul traffic to limited data center locations. Newer connectivity service offerings have emerged, attempting to bridge this gap, but haven’t to date offered the robust carrier-class redundancy and scalability that enterprises need.

Cyxtera has added PacketFabric to our Ecosystem Partner Program to offer their on-demand, subscription-based Connectivity Cloud to more global customers. The PacketFabric Connectivity Cloud removes implementation and provisioning barriers using an innovative software-defined platform for public and hybrid cloud interconnectivity, multi-cloud routing, and private layer 2 point to point connectivity. PacketFabric offers 1G, 10G, and even 100G port bandwidth and any-to-any connections across their network from 50 Mbps up in a highly resilient availability model, all via a user-friendly web portal or programmable API automation.

Adding PacketFabric’s Connectivity Cloud allows enterprise across all industries, educational institutions, and government agencies to consume secure, reliable, high performance network connections across North America and Europe. Furthermore, the PacketFabric Cloud Router services delivers instant provisioning, dynamic routing with BGP, speeds up to 100Gbps over a 50+ Tbps global network, and on demand programmability. It is a fully distributed edge-based service all delivered over a carrier grade backbone, providing highly available connectivity into AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, and of course the Cyxtera Digital Exchange.

Sharing common objectives, both companies are innovative service providers with a strategic focus on solving complex technical, operational, and financial business problems. With similar agile mindsets, in traditionally legacy industries, the combination of the Cyxtera Digital Exchange Platform with PacketFabric network platform, Cloud Router and other industry leading services will enable the hybrid IT transformation that is driving business today.

Currently available in Cyxtera data centers in the Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Chicago markets, we will be expanding the PacketFabric solution into more data centers soon. Their consistent and repeatable site deployment model makes them a great fit with Cyxtera, allowing them to scale rapidly to meet significant mutual customer demand. Our team is excited to welcome our new Platinum-level Ecosystem Partner to our program, offering dynamic network connectivity to both existing and future customers. Please take some time to learn more about PacketFabric in our Marketplace profile.

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