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Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Infrastructure Strategies, 2021 names BMaaS as high benefit in priority matrix

The recently published Gartner report, Hype Cycle for Infrastructure Strategies, 2021, examines the 30 most-hyped innovations in infrastructure strategy through the lens of what value enterprises can derive from each...

Russell Cozart • 2 minute read

Enterprise Bare Metal, Colocation


Data Storage – Planning for Massive Growth

We live in a global economy driven by data intensive transactions. Inside your home, you have dozens of goods relying on IoT technology. Need to go to the store? Hop into the car, or as it should be called, “mobile...

David Murphy • 2 minute read

Hybrid IT, Colocation, Marketplace


Smart Cabinet Is Smart for Business

When we started Cyxtera four years ago, we did so with the aim of making it easier for customers to consume colocation. We started with a vision and a blank slate, where we could build whatever innovations we wanted on...

Randy Rowland • 3 minute read

Hybrid IT, Enterprise Bare Metal, Colocation


Partnership: Together we can do more

I’ve worked in the channel for more than 20 years, and if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that the success of your channel program starts with your partners. And, it’s not just who you choose to work with but how...

Nicholas Voth • 3 minute read

Channel Partners


The AI Paradox: Why are AI Projects Easy to Start, but Difficult to Scale?

It is easy to take your first steps in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Popular frameworks and pretrained models provide a foundation you can build on so that often, your existing hardware, using general purpose...

Yael Davidowitz-Neu • 3 minute read



Cyxtera’s Enhanced Channel Partner Program

Recently, Cyxtera announced our enhanced Cyxtera Channel Partner Program and formally introduced the Cyxtera Influencer Referral Partner Program, which provides special incentives for partner-led referrals. Our partner...

Nicholas Voth • 2 minute read

Channel Partners

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