451 Report Highlights Interconnection as Key to Hybrid IT Success

Cyxtera Technologies • August 19, 2019 • 1 minute read

Hybrid IT, Colocation, Connectivity in Data Centers

When it comes to hybrid IT, your network is under more pressure than ever. 451 Research Senior Analyst, Craig Matsumoto said in the Interconnection and the Enterprise report:

“With end customers and employees ever more dispersed geographically, the use of mobile devices growing, and large amounts of data coming in from internet-connected devices, the network is under even more pressure.”

Read an excerpt of the 451 Research Report: Interconnection and the Enterprise: How Colocation and Direct Cloud Connectivity Can Fortify Hybrid IT

The interconnection point between enterprises, business partners, network, cloud and service providers is the colocation data center. Colocation not only gives enterprises the ability to rapidly connect mission critical infrastructure to cloud providers; it provides the dedicated, always-on connectivity needed to support a multi-cloud strategy.

Cyxtera is located at this inflection point delivering customers a global, distributed and expanding footprint and on-demand connectivity. Enterprises leverage our diverse, scalable interconnection to access a marketplace of valuable providers. Our rich ecosystem includes 120 network service providers, and 600 networks. With less than 3ms latency to your cloud on-ramp of choice, our data centers provide easy access to any public cloud including Azure, AWS, and Google. In addition, enterprises in our data centers are just a cross connect away from a broad range of business partners, content providers, healthcare and financial exchanges.

To understand how colocation and direct cloud connectivity from providers such as Cyxtera can fortify your hybrid IT strategy, read the 451 Interconnection and the Enterprise report excerpt.

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