A New Jersey State of Mind

Marcie Kaplan • December 02, 2021 • 3 minute read

Hybrid IT, Colocation, Connectivity in Data Centers

Garden State data centers offer proximity and productivity without the massive price tag

New York, New York, it’s a helluva town. It’s a city that’s inspired songwriters from Leonard Bernstein to Jay-Z and everyone in between. And when it comes to business, Wall Street’s reputation for financial success is second to none — just ask the fictional Gordon Gekko or Jordan Belfort, on whom The Wolf of Wall Street was based.

Gordon Gekko might have said “The most valuable commodity I know of is information,” but even he couldn’t have predicted the information tech boom that exists today. Some 30 years after Mr. Gekko said his goodbyes, New York City is still regarded as a mecca for business and finance, and many still subscribe to the idea that if you’re not in New York, you’re nowhere. The concept is so deeply ingrained that the idea of moving their colocation needs across the river has long been a complete anathema to most companies.

And so it might have remained were it not for COVID-19 and the business disruptions the pandemic left in its wake. Today, however, rising costs, remote workforces, and other concerns have many enterprises looking to pull up stakes and set up shop across the river.

New York, I love you but you’re bringing me down

Hefty real estate expenses and higher power fees translate into higher data center service costs when compared to competing markets, even when that market is literally a stone’s throw away. Luckily, customers at our three New Jersey data centers, located in nearby Jersey City, Weehawken, and Piscataway, don't have to decide between cost-effective service offerings and extremely low latency. Our New Jersey facilities offer the best of both worlds — proximity to major exchanges without the costs associated with co-locating in downtown Manhattan.

As companies migrate some (or all) of their data center footprint to New Jersey, they’re discovering the benefits of greater flexibility and lower-priced options as they build their hybrid IT strategy, not to mention a pretty easy commute in the event they need to visit the facility in person. Thanks to Cyxtera’s innovative, on-demand solutions, companies are able to take advantage of more than just space and power — customers can grow with us as their infrastructure needs evolve. For example, all of our NJ-based data centers are NVIDIA DGX-ready certified and ready to tackle customers’ AI workloads with agility and speed. Better still, thanks to our as-a-service model, the need for large capital outlays and over provisioning are but distant memories.

I like Jersey best

We offer customers financial solutions and connections that afford them at least the same as, if not better, than they’ll find in the city. For example:

  • Digital Exchange: An intelligently automated, deeply connected data center fabric that allows enterprises to deploy every piece of their IT  infrastructure  on-demand. Click-to-provision deployment means customers can access Enterprise Bare Metal, additional networks, cloud on-ramps, and technology providers within minutes rather than months.
  • Scalable capacity gives customers room to grow their businesses, regardless of whether they need a single rack or full cages.
  • Our 24/7 Remote Gold Support services are managed by IT Infrastructure professionals, who stand ready to handle customers’ everyday on-site maintenance requests.
  • Each New Jersey campus is located outside the 100-year flood zone so customers can cross “catastrophic flooding” off their list of things to worry about.

If you’re considering moving your data operations out of New York, we hope you’ll consider Cyxtera. Our Sales team can definitely put you in a New Jersey state of mind.

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Cyxtera New Jersey Data Centers

  • Jersey City Data Center Campus EWR1.
    Located in Jersey City, our EWR1 data center is housed in a 10-story building located directly across the Hudson River from the New York Financial District.
  • Weehawken Data Center Campus EWR2.
    Our EWR2 data center is located on a fiber-linked campus less than 10 miles from the New York Financial District.
  • Piscataway DataCenter Campus EWR3.
    Located in Piscataway, NJ, EWR3 is located on a fiber-linked campus 40 miles from the New York Financial District.
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Marcie Kaplan Sr Director, GTM & Strategic Programs Marketing

Marcie Kaplan

Sr Director, GTM & Strategic Programs Marketing