A Smarter Data Center Experience with CareAR

Cyxtera Technologies • June 30, 2022 • 2 minute read

Colocation in Data Centers

You’re getting an alert that there’s trouble with one of the servers in your environment at Cyxtera’s colocation facility in Chicago. Trouble is, you’re in Boise.

While there was a time when you would have found yourself calling someone hundreds if not thousands of miles away to explain what to do, or worse, booking the next flight out, our latest partnership with CareAR has rendered this scenario a thing of the past.

(No more) trouble in River City

CareAR, a leader in the service experience management (SXM) space, delivers critical context through real-time visual AR interactions, instructions, and intelligences as part of a seamless digital workflow. The SXM platform consists of the CareAR Assist and CareAR Instruct applications that provide real-time visual guidance and interactive content through smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices such as smart glasses.

When seconds count, the combination of CareAR’s augmented reality visual support services and our Remote Hands on-site support offering delivers an improved service and customer experience during Smart Hand engagements, driving down the time it takes to resolve your issues and improve customer communication.

Data center maintenance and deployment interactions are also made easy, thanks to the AR-powered wearable capability that decrease support dispatch requirements and improve time to restoration cycles, increase accuracy of site builds, and limit the need to travel for site surveys and deployment initiatives. What’s more, Cyxtera can leverage the CareAR platform to provide customers with remote updates through virtual walkthroughs for visual inspection at each milestone over the course of a customer build.

Redefining the service experience

We share CareAR’s vision for redefining how service and support experiences are delivered. As Cyxtera continues to make our data centers easier to consume and deliver reliable infrastructure solutions at the speed of cloud, delivering a new capability that allows our customers to see for themselves the work our team is doing to support their needs is critical. Equipped with CareAR-powered wearable technology, Cyxtera data center technicians will be well positioned to provide superior engagements and efficiencies through the power of AR.

CareAR is available in Cyxtera data centers around the world, including New York/New Jersey, London, Dallas/Fort Worth, Northern Virginia, Chicago, and Silicon Valley.

Cyxtera is excited to deliver this new and innovative solution to provide our customers with visual interactive capabilities and a smarter data center experience. With Cyxtera and CareAR, you can be there, even when you’re not.

Learn more about our collaboration with CareAR.

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