Channel Partner Perspective: Importance of Colocation & Interconnection in a Cloud-Enabled World

Cyxtera Technologies • August 28, 2019 • 3 minute read

Hybrid IT, Connectivity, Channel Partners in Data Centers

In today’s evolving hybrid IT and multi-cloud landscape, colocation and interconnection have never been more important. Are your clients prepared?

You can increase your earnings and enable your clients to future proof their hybrid IT deployments by leveraging colocation and interconnection as anchor solutions. Here’s why these platforms are critical to your clients’ hybrid IT strategy:

  • Networks are under pressure – When it comes to hybrid IT, your customer’s network is under more pressure than ever. According to 451 Research Senior Analyst, Craig Matsumoto,“With end customers and employees ever more dispersed geographically, the use of mobile devices growing, and large amounts of data coming in from internet-connected devices, the network is under even more pressure.” This represents a great opportunity for partners to help clients optimize their networks to ensure peak performance.
  • Cloud first is not public cloud only – According to a recent IDC survey, 81% of IT decision makers will migrate applications or data out of public cloud. This trend of repatriation of applications coming back from public cloud is also a tremendous opportunity for partners to help their clients determine where to deploy these workloads and how to interconnect them to meet their security, control, performance and budget requirements.

What’s in it for partners?

Interconnection and colocation are great opportunities for consistent revenue streams. The data center interconnect market is expected to reach $6.5B by the end of 2023 (Market Research Future) and the data center colocation market is expected to surpass $90B by 2024 (

Here are key considerations to keep in mind when helping your clients develop and deploy a hybrid IT strategy anchored by colocation and interconnection solutions:

  • Access to public cloud is key You can assist your clients with a multitude of options for connectivity to public clouds. There are both direct connectivity and cloud on-ramp options with low latency to meet your clients’ performance requirements.
  • Leverage on-demand interconnection options Gone are the days where you must wait months for a circuit to be turned up for your customers. With today’s software defined networking your clients can accelerate their speed to market with on-demand connectivity. Your clients can point, click and provision virtual cross-connects within their colocation sites, across a metro, to cloud on-ramps, to other companies, and ecosystem platforms. For example, if you have a financial services client, they can colocate their infrastructure in a data center facility that has direct access to trading platforms and stock exchanges.
  • Ensure your customers have choices Your customers demand options and there are plenty of carrier options to meet their needs. Some providers will lead you to believe that you must go through their data centers to access public clouds- that’s simply not the case. Select a carrier-neutral provider to give your client many choices to select from. Additionally, you can help your clients reduce complexity and networking costs by reviewing their current connectivity and helping them optimize their deployments.

As one of the world’s largest interconnection providers, with over 600 network points of presence from 120 different providers, Cyxtera’s carrier- and cloud-neutral, densely connected global data center footprint of nearly 60 data centers across the globe enables our partners to deliver the local, global and cloud connectivity options your clients need for today’s distributed, hybrid IT. Reach out to our team at to learn more.

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