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Cyxtera Technologies • June 07, 2018 • 2 minute read

Hybrid IT, Colocation, Connectivity in Data Centers

Those responsible for the data center will easily recognize these common challenges – predicting capacity needs over time, consolidating resources to save costs, and increasing efficiency and security. Data center providers have a responsibility to deliver innovative services that overcome these challenges. This is where hybrid cloud connectivity comes to play.

Cloud is driving the growth of data centers as enterprises enhance their deployments by connecting directly and quickly to the cloud. Data centers are becoming the nexus and ultimately the driver of hybrid cloud connectivity regardless of what clouds or how many clouds the enterprise wishes to use.

Cyxtera is Cloud Neutral

Data center customers are demanding more choice for cloud connectivity. While many companies cannot or may not want to move 100% of their IT into a public cloud environment, more enterprises are designing their IT environments with a mixture of colocation data center services to address edge computing, security and latency needs, and public cloud loads that aren’t as time sensitive and can tolerate downtime or longer ping times.

To support our customers, Cyxtera has embraced a model of neutrality – operating both cloud neutral and carrier neutral data centers – thereby enabling network and cloud connectivity to link today’s hybrid IT environments.

Resource: datacenterHawk talks to Randy Rowland on Cyxtera CXD.

An Ecosystem of Cloud On-Ramp Providers

Cyxtera has partnered with industry-leading cloud on-ramp providers in our data centers including Megaport, Level3 Cloud Connect, and Zayo CloudLink. These partners provide low latency, high reliability services via layer 1 OWS or secure Layer 2 VLAN’s and fulfill immediate provisioning needs of our clients.

Depending upon cloud destination, Cyxtera provides access to:

  • Multiple network options to ensure diversity, cost-effectiveness and fault tolerance.
  • Clean, direct routes to cloud service providers bypassing congested cloud exchanges.
  • An ecosystem of multiple entry points into our data centers to mitigate any single point of failure and allow our customers to mitigate risk.
  • A broad geographic footprint of data centers in close proximity to key public cloud nodes.

These cloud on-ramp providers are available today in many of our data centers where we can typically provision a cross connect in 48 hours or less.

We are working with several providers to integrate their platform with our new Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD) platform, via our open APIs. [Listen to Randy Rowland discuss CXD with datacenterHawk]. This will deliver an end-to-end point, click and provision experience in our CXD enabled data centers. Customers will be able to order, configure, and provision virtual cross connects from their colocation space or CXD Compute Nodes to cloud connectivity providers with access to AWS, Microsoft, Google, CenturyLink, Oracle, IBM, and Salesforce, via an online portal.

Cyxtera continues to innovate with new products and elements that bring the best data center services, compute, network services, and cloud-on ramp designs in the industry.

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