Cyxtera adds Unitas Global’s SDN Fabric and Network Services to London Metro Data Centers

Cyxtera Technologies • September 03, 2019 • 2 minute read

Connectivity, Marketplace in Data Centers

Cyxtera has collaborated with Unitas Global to offer direct connections in its London area data centers. Adding these services will provide low-latency and high-reliability services to Unitas Global’s core backbone. The design could save Cyxtera’s London metro data center customers thousands of pounds on access fees while enhancing the ecosystem with resilient multi-vendor designs.

As customers move to the edge, the importance of connectivity to a variety of environments grows. Cyxtera offers dark fiber, local exchange carriers, cable providers, IP transit backbone providers and cloud on-ramps to meet the growing needs of customers managing a mix of data center services, on-premises environments, and public cloud deployments.

Cyxtera has an ecosystem of network options for our customers and continues to increase its carrier density across the board to more than 140 unique carriers and more than 14 carriers per data center.

Unitas Global’s core competency includes aggregating SDN providers inside the data center, from multiple network paths. In addition, Unitas Global is the leading provider of last mile access from the end user branch offices or headquarters globally, back to the data center. Unitas Global manages the entire network proactively, with a single sourced SLA. They have simplified the network purchasing experience inside and outside of the data center.

"As the enterprise continues to adopt multi-cloud architectures, they face managing increasingly complex IT environments," says Unitas Global CEO, Patrick Shutt. "We are pleased to extend Unitas Global's expertise to Cyxtera customers to provide them with an efficient, cost-effective, reliable cloud access connectivity solution to streamline their business-critical operations."

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