Cyxtera Ecosystem Featuring CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions

Cyxtera Technologies • January 16, 2019 • 2 minute read

Hybrid IT, Connectivity in Data Centers

The Cyxtera network ecosystem has grown over the past year. Our carrier density strategy is all about diversity, resiliency, and multiple paths to mitigate single points of failure for our data center customers. One of our strategic carriers that lives in our ecosystem is CenturyLink.

CenturyLink has spent time and money ensuring its backbone core routers, DWDM devices, and core switches are robust and can provide multiple network options to mitigate single points of failure. Dual entrance and central offices, diverse metro paths, and long-haul systems all ensure uptime and deliver a fault tolerant network experience.

CenturyLink recently rolled out its Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections services, and Cyxtera is proud to offer this service across most of our global footprint of 50-plus data centers. Cyxtera’s offering of this service shows continued expansion of the Cloud Connect ecosystem.

“We are excited for Cyxtera to join our data center provider ecosystem for our Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections. This enables customers to link their data center and cloud environments in real-time enabling rapid deployment of Hybrid IT environments as their business needs evolve,” said Chris McReynolds, Vice President of Core Network Services at CenturyLink.

CenturyLink is uniquely positioned to provide multiple services through its Cloud Connect services including:

  • Layer 1 – Layer 3 dedicated and multi-tenant interfaces to the cloud provider of your choice. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM, and others are all available to consume.
  • A broad global reach of cloud provider on-ramp locations which enable designs for active/active replication and to different availability zones for diversity purposes.
  • No middle-man, or other exchange point in the design. CenturyLink offers clean, direct paths, increasing performance and reducing latency.
  • Near real-time turn up and turn down of connections between Cyxtera data centers and cloud providers
  • Accelerates order delivery from days or weeks to near real-time via self-service portal or API integration
  • CenturyLink has on-net connectivity with over 150,000 buildings globally
  • Flexible hourly billing models with no long term commitment to support short-term workload migrations or BCDR scenarios
  • Plans to add additional cloud providers are fast and forthcoming, look for announcements from CenturyLink throughout 2019

And with their Cloud Connect Dynamic Connection capabilities, they have enabled true on-demand networking:

Cyxtera works very closely with CenturyLink on network planning for our data center customers. Our goal is to deliver 100% power/space and network connectivity. Learn more about Cyxtera and CenturyLink in our marketplace.

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