Cyxtera Partners with NVIDIA to Enable AI Workloads

Cyxtera Technologies • July 11, 2019 • 1 minute read

AI/ML in Data Centers

AI applications are growing at an aggressive rate. With more IoT and machines sensors being deployed, the amount of data that will need to be managed and processed at low-latency rates is skyrocketing. Some industry analysts predict AI enterprise spending will reach $39 billion by 2025. These applications demand high-performance compute resources and specialized power and cooling, making it costly for enterprises to build and maintain.

As part of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center program, Cyxtera data centers have been reviewed and certified to meet the demands of customers implementing AI applications. By partnering with NVIDIA, Cyxtera can ensure enterprises can deploy AI applications while avoiding many challenges of infrastructure planning that can delay operations.

A major obstacle to implementing AI and Deep Learning workloads is based on the limitations of on-premises data centers. On-premises data centers do not meet the infrastructure, super storage and security criteria required for an AI-ready data center. Earning this certification, Cyxtera data centers have met the criteria for customers interested in employing a NVIDIA DGX System approach. In addition, Cyxtera’s global footprint and operational excellence promises to make AI deployment easier and affordable with an OpEx model.

Please read more about this exciting news here. You can also learn more about our data centers including the sites currently pre-qualified for NVIDIA DGX certification: Dallas, New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, London, Germany, Singapore and Toronto.

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