DataCloud Recognizes Cyxtera for Best Data Centre Cyber Security

Cyxtera Technologies • June 26, 2019 • 2 minute read

Hybrid IT, Federal in Data Centers

We are pleased to be the DataCloud Global Award recipient of the “Data Centre CyberSecurity Award.”

Cyxtera is the world’s only data center provider that offers a secure network access solution within its facilities. Customers can receive, free of charge, licenses to Cyxtera’s Zero Trust solution, AppGate SDP. AppGate SDP is a powerful network security platform that enables customers to secure any application, on any platform, in any location.

Consistent, secure network access is essential in today’s distributed, hybrid IT environment. This makes cyber resilience that much more imperative. Traditional data centre providers may only focus on physical security to the facility and cage. Data theft happens far more often over the network, than by people walking out the door with a server. Enterprises must look for solutions to secure both the data centre’s physical assets and the network access to their valuable data and IT infrastructure.

In selecting AppGate SDP for this award, DataCloud learned that with our solution a secure, automated, encrypted connection is created between the user and the network resource they are authorized to access. All unauthorized network resources are completely invisible. This dramatically reduces the attack surface and eliminates lateral movement on the network, the cause of many breaches. AppGate was built to secure today’s hybrid, distributed IT infrastructure – whether it’s in the data centre or the cloud.

Another differentiator meriting this recognition is how Cyxtera has built its infrastructure and network security to be scalable, programmable and extensible, software-defined and responsive. It’s designed for today’s hybrid IT; solutions that are cloud-native and cloud-agnostic – that run on any cloud, public or private – and that can seamlessly span architectures and locations.

Customers also need better insight into what’s going on – deep analytics to feed back into security and infrastructure management to help predict, detect and prevent threats, and to provide greater resiliency and responsiveness. Cyxtera’s offense and defense-oriented cybersecurity solutions utilize machine learning, artificial intelligence and visualization to provide a unique view into threats.

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