Delivering a Secure Network and Cloud Ecosystem

Cyxtera Technologies • January 22, 2018 • 2 minute read

Colocation, Connectivity in Data Centers

Since the emergence of the Internet and mobile devices, the amount of information available to consumers and businesses alike continues to grow at a staggering pace. Forces including the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data have rapidly increased the amount of data that enterprises must handle within their infrastructure. Not only gathering this data but also optimizing it means they need a data center ecosystem that addresses their need for a high level of connectivity, security, scalability and power.

A data center ecosystem includes the various off-premises and on-premises data centers within the enterprise’s hybrid IT strategy. The key to an effective data center ecosystem lies in the ability for enterprises to connect directly to the multiple networks and cloud providers their business requires.

Cyxtera data centers possess multiple network service providers and cloud on-ramps to ensure any point of failure for our data center customers is mitigated, and each one has multiple entrances to reduce fiber cuts and outages. We work closely with existing and new network services providers to expand our ecosystem and the services it offers. In fact, we’ve experienced an 11 percent year-over-year (YOY) growth in new carrier additions and density through our work with these providers. Also, with our continuing focus on operational excellence, we boast a dedicated team of employees who service both domestic and international network providers.

The network service provider ecosystem of Cyxtera is designed to include dark fiber providers available to supply our data center customers with metro and long-haul fiber designs. It’s also comprised of IP transit and cable providers capable of delivering direct connection to their core routers located in our Meet Me Areas. Not only does this design mitigate latency, it also increases performance and removes any fiber cut challenges. Our engineering team works closely with our data center customers and NSP community to ensure these designs are physically and logically separate.

While we continue to build our NSP ecosystem, we are creating and enabling best-of-breed cloud on-ramps for direct connections to cloud service providers. We’re able to offer multiple design options for diversity and latency reduction to AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP, VmWare, Alibaba, Adobe, IBM, Centurylink Cloud, Salesforce and more. Each Cyxtera colocation customer can obtain cloud services in metro areas or different regions to maximize uptime, and our team will work closely with them on multiple options to meet their design requirements. We want to ensure that our customers who consume hybrid network and cloud data center services have a design that includes 100 percent uptime and a strong and solid plan for network and cloud diversity.

Cyxtera continues to lead the data center industry through our focus on and commitment to operational excellence and our secure and carrier-neutral global data center services. With 57 global data centers in 29 local markets, we have established a very robust infrastructure within data centers and beyond.

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