Delivering Dark Fiber: The Cyxtera Ecosystem

Cyxtera Technologies • August 09, 2018 • 2 minute read

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Research and Markets recently reported that global market for dark fiber will expand at double digit CAGR to $11 billion by 2026 due to the growth of global internet traffic. Benefits are vast particularly around cost and security. The cost of dark fiber network leasing, equipment and installation has reduced significantly, and dark fiber is highly secure – dedicated to a specific customer and allowing for private and reliable services to meet demand for control and predictability.

The Research and Markets report showed that:

Dark fiber networks have emerged as a viable solution for different organizations seeking enhanced network management and communication. With continued penetration of internet services, the demand for internet bandwidth is estimated to remain rampant over the coming years. This is estimated to remain the most prominent factor responsible for dark fiber networks market growth across the worldwide.

One of the major consumers of dark fiber is large enterprises and service providers looking to link colocation facilities and provide dedicated connections to hyperscale cloud nodes. Their appetite for bandwidth is growing at an exponential rate as applications and storage demands rise faster than the rate at which some network providers can deploy backbone connectivity.

The challenge for those users unable to access additional bandwidth can be lost customers, delayed service deployments, or lost revenue.

Cyxtera Strengthens Dark Fiber Ecosystem

Cyxtera is supporting its customers’ demands for closer-to-edge compute and latency-sensitive applications. We’ve strengthening our dark fiber ecosystem by partnering with the best of breed providers in the industry.

Many customers are running their own dark fiber from Cyxtera data centers to their own data centers or buildings and even other provider’s data centers. We make this possible by ensuring our customers have access to rich metro and long haul dark fiber options, in all our markets. And we meet with our dark fiber providers often to ensure capacity is present, and routes are diverse from one another.

Centurylink/Level3, CrownCastle, Fiberlight, SummitIG, and Zayo are among the dark fiber providers available in our ecosystem. Each has positioned their services in Cyxtera data centers for easy access via cross connect.

Cyxtera dark fiber ecosystem offers more autonomy and control for our customers to consume data center services, more options and routes to mitigate single points of failure and resiliency from Cyxtera data centers to other local, national, and global destinations.

Many financial, government, and hyperscalers are leveraging Cyxtera to access dark fiber providers who link them to multiple destinations worldwide. Learn more about Cyxtera’s dark fiber ecosystem by visiting the Cyxtera Marketplace.

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