Doubling Down in Denver

Marcie Kaplan • July 22, 2021 • 2 minute read

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Two data centers in the metro area mean twice the opportunity for enterprises

Prior to 1858, no one lived in the Denver metropolitan area, however, more than 160 years and one Gold Rush later, the Mile High City is booming. Now we have a rapidly growing population drawn to the city for its great climate, walkable downtown (replete with museums, shops, and cafes), and a thriving job market thanks to Google, Facebook, and Amazon having set up shop.

Putting aside the data needs of these corporate titans for the moment, Denver is also a hub for start-ups in such industry sectors as aerospace, communications, healthcare, financial services, and energy — all of which come with their own unique set of data storage and compute requirements.

A quadruple threat

To meet these needs, we offer two Denver campuses, giving customers in-region site diversity ideal for deploying active-active highly available workloads. These enterprise-class, carrier-neutral data centers have been engineered to meet the demands of customers with the highest levels of flexibility, connectivity, security, and power.

Today’s enterprises need more than just basic connectivity. It has to be fast and reliable. Both locations offer Tier 1 connectivity and full redundancy through premium ISPs Lumen and Zayo. Regardless of whether enterprises opt for a blended IP service for rapid provisioning of redundant IP transit or choose to connect to one of 11 network providers, they’ll be supported by stringent critical-systems infrastructure, powerful cross-connects, and rigorous multi-tier security measures.

Just one word: data

Future-proofing your business needn’t equate with large capital expenditures. Through our digital exchange, companies can take advantage of a winning combination of scalable colocation, interconnectivity, on-ramps to public cloud, storage-as-a-service (STaaS), and Enterprise Bare Metal (EBM) via a rich ecosystem of technology providers available.

Enterprise Bare Metal, in particular, is ideally suited to meet a broad range of workload needs. EBM provides access to infrastructure from leading enterprise IT providers in an on-demand, subscription-based model and helps companies seamlessly extend their existing colocation infrastructure to create extensible hybrid environments. What’s more, our Denver locations give companies the option of leveraging Cyxtera’s Government digital exchange, which is certified as FedRAMP Ready at the High Impact Level.

Our on-demand offerings are extended to enterprise storage through our partnership with Zadara, giving companies the ability to use only the storage they need, when they need it with no large capital expenditures. Customers also have access to AI/ML Compute as a Service with DGX A100 systems from NVIDIA.

Our Denver data centers provide companies with the IT solutions they need to remain competitive today, as well as future-proof for tomorrow. Here’s what Rich Williams, Director of Sales and GM for Sirius, a strategic partner and customer, has to say: “Cyxtera’s digital exchange platform provides us with the flexibility and agility we need to power Sirius’ Managed Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions. This partnership offers our customers on-demand access to a full end-end solution to help cut their costs without losing control.”

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Doubling Down in Denver

Our Denver data centers provide companies with the IT solutions they need to remain competitive today, as well as future-proof for tomorrow.

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Marcie Kaplan Sr Director, GTM & Strategic Programs Marketing

Marcie Kaplan

Sr Director, GTM & Strategic Programs Marketing