On-Demand Infrastructure in Your Back Pocket for Whatever May Come in 2023

Ben Greene • November 17, 2022 • 2 minute read

Enterprise Bare Metal, Colocation in Data Centers

Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal Reserved Instances program offers customers flexibility, performance, security, and control at a remarkable value

Over the past two years, IT organizations have been battle-tested as they have grappled with the impact of pandemic-related disruptions and the dire need to adapt and modernize IT systems to meet the new normal of a “work from anywhere” world. As much progress has been made, hurdles still abound in the form of inflation and supply chain disruptions – the net effect of which has forced many businesses to delay or postpone planned technology projects which are critical to their profitability and growth.

At Cyxtera, we’re focused on helping our customers move the ball forward, despite these challenges. Many organizations have budget available that they need to “use or lose” by the end of the year, but current uncertainty makes it difficult to plan effectively for future technology projects.

To help address this, Cyxtera is offering a convenient way for customers to future-proof their business plans with Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal. Through the end of this year, customers can take advantage of a promotion that will let them allocate unused 2022 funds toward on-demand single-tenant infrastructure in a Cyxtera data center and earmark it for deployment anytime through June 2023.

Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal offers the security, control, and performance of dedicated colocation infrastructure in an on-demand model without saddling customers with the burden of capital expenditures, lengthy implementation cycles, depreciating assets, or adding local staff. The platform, which is designed to meet a broad range of workload needs, comes in a variety of configurations with varying number of cores, quantity of RAM, and type and number of storage drives from leading enterprise vendors.

This new program will allow clients to lock in bare metal server capacity at current market rates, shielding them from rising hardware costs and an ever-unpredictable supply chain. The intent of this program is to assist our customers with their 2023 planning cycles. Customers who take advantage of Cyxtera’s offer will be guaranteed access to on-demand infrastructure so there’s no waiting around for bids, shipment delays, or other hurdles that might slow down a green-lighted project.

Customers can choose from Dell, HPE, Fujitsu, Nutanix, and NVIDIA servers across our global footprint of data centers, all accessible on-demand and through an operational-expenditure model.

We’re happy to provide our customers with the financial and operational flexibility they need as they look to modernize and upgrade their data center environments.

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The Reserved Instances promotion runs through the end of the year

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Ben Greene

Vice President, Product Management - Digital Exchange