Partner Perspective on Doing Business with Cyxtera

Cyxtera Technologies • September 12, 2019 • 2 minute read

Channel Partners, Marketplace in Data Centers

2019 trends have illustrated how integral positive channel partner relationships are in making companies successful. According to Forrester, “75% of world trade flows indirectly.” The channel is growing exponentially, and indirect sales are becoming increasingly valued in the technology industry. Strong partner relationships are needed for companies to be able to scale, experience growth and tap into new verticals.

The key to partner relationships is engagement and frictionless interactions. According to a recent survey, partners’ number one deciding factor in determining which suppliers to further invest in is ease of doing business. Partners want to be working with companies who make their business transactions easier. To increase engagement, companies should use channel teams to create and nurture relationships and give partners access to programs and training to enhance enablement.

Cyxtera recognizes the value that partners bring to our go-to-market efforts and looks to the channel as a key component of our sales efforts. Through support and enablement material, Cyxtera partners have access to resources to grow their businesses. Keep reading to hear from some of our partners on their experiences.

Watch interviews with Cyxtera Partners

Jo Peterson, VP of Cloud and Security Services for Clarify360, discusses the importance of choices for partners and clients to find the optimal location for workloads. Jo shares her thoughts on Cyxtera’s different offerings and the trend of moving towards a more virtualized environment.

Gerry Davis, Director of Solutions Engineering at Intelisys, discusses why Intelisys partners with Cyxtera. Gerry talks about how the global footprint, security, and ability to scale makes Cyxtera a valuable partner to Intelisys.

Cyxtera’s Channel Chief Tina Gravel talked with Richard Murray, COO and Co-Owner of Telarus at our annual CyxteraCon conference. Richard shares his thoughts on keeping successful partner relationships, current market trends & working with Cyxtera.

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