Perspectives on the State of the Data Center

David Murphy • June 26, 2019 • 1 minute read

AI/ML, Hybrid IT, Colocation in Data Centers

Randy Rowland, President and GM of Cyxtera Data Center Services at Cyxtera, participated in an Executive Roundtable conducted by Data Center Frontier. The publication features insights on the state of the data center industry on a quarterly basis. In this particular series, the experts examined four topics:

In terms of edge computing, for example, Rowland shares how a global footprint delivering consistent, exceptional operations is just the start.

“Enterprises should look for providers that can offer a single service agreement for multiple locations yet give them the flexibility to move capacity between markets without penalty,” said Rowland.

You can read more about CXD, Cyxtera’s On-demand colocation solution that speeds provisioning in related blogs and our website.

Thanks to the team at Data Center Frontier for addressing some essential issues facing enterprises as they adapt their data center strategy to support changing business priorities enabled by advances in AI, edge computing, and hybrid cloud.

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David Murphy

Director, Channel & Partner Marketing