The old business model is changing: Future-proof your IT infrastructure today

Cyxtera Technologies • December 10, 2020 • 2 minute read

AI/ML, Hybrid IT, Enterprise Bare Metal in Data Centers

The last 12 months have seen unprecedented change, and in many ways the disruption we’re seeing across industries is just beginning. As businesses strive to keep up with today’s more sophisticated and tech-enabled consumers, and adapt quickly to the changing economic landscape, it can be a struggle to modernize systems while managing budgets. The race to develop simpler and more effective IT processes continues to accelerate, and businesses that neglect to focus on optimizing and planning for the future risk falling behind. Traditional business models are shifting to prioritize convenience, flexibility, and immediacy. As such, businesses need to upgrade their infrastructure to keep up.

On-demand business models are gaining popularity by enabling enterprises to optimize their revenue streams and build strong customer engagement. This approach simultaneously eliminates expensive capital expenditure (CapEx) costs for buyers and transitions to a more manageable and predictable operational expense (OpEx).

Cyxtera enables customers to scale faster, meet rising customer expectations, and gain a competitive edge by delivering intelligently automated and deeply connected infrastructure solutions to businesses around the world. We built our API-driven, carrier-neutral platform from the ground up with the goal of becoming the most future-ready, extensible data center company in the world. We empower businesses to centralize their complete data ecosystem through a software-defined platform that offers on-demand provisioning and customization of each of the elements of a traditional data center – including storage, compute power, networking, and management.

Cyxtera solutions include:

  • Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal offers click to provision access to world-class, high-performance servers from HPE, Nutanix, Fujitsu and NVIDIA. Scale compute power up and down according to your needs.
  • Storage as a Service: We have partnered with Zadara to enable our customers to leverage a world-class enterprise storage offering, delivered as a service. Improve data access, reduce costs, and limit silos while simultaneously benefiting from the convenience and flexibility of Zadara’s pay-as-you-go, fully-managed cloud model.
  • Cyxtera AI/ML Compute as a Service, powered by NVIDIA DGX A100, enables AI/ML-powered workloads to be deployed with great agility and speed. Provisioning of AI and ML is made easier through our as-a-service model that eliminates the need for large capital outlays and over provisioning.

Technology is constantly changing, with data volumes ever-increasing and consumer expectations at an all time high. Having the right infrastructure has become a critical component of business agility. We cannot predict the future, but we know for certain that our customers will have a rapidly evolving set of needs which we are ready to meet head on.

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