Comcast Expands Additional and New Presence to 23 Cyxtera Data Centers

Cyxtera Technologies • July 17, 2019 • 2 minute read

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Comcast Business has expanded its network presences in Cyxtera Data Centers with 23 additional and new locations including New Jersey, Seattle, and Albuquerque. The demands of network connectivity grow daily in the data center world. Companies need faster connections and even faster on-boarding of these services. Cyxtera has an ecosystem of network options for our customers and continues to increase its carrier density across the board to more than 110 unique carriers and more than 10 carriers per data center.

As more customers move to the edge, Cyxtera’s purpose and importance exponentially grows. Our data center customers own a mix of data center services, on-premises environments, and public cloud deployments. We are also seeing HCI and local storage compute grow within our data centers.

Connectivity for all of these deployments is essential. Cyxtera has a perfect blend of dark fiber, local exchange carriers, cable providers, competitive local exchange carriers, IP transit backbone providers, and cloud on-ramps to meet the needs of our clients.

Cyxtera has partnered with Comcast Business to offer direct connections in our data centers to provide low latency, high reliability services to Comcast Business network services. Port speeds include 100 mbps to 10 gbps, via cross connect, no local loop. This design saves our data center customers thousands of dollars on access fees.

“Comcast Business is excited to expand our network to Cyxtera Data Centers. As businesses move data-intensive applications off-premises, the expectation from our customers is that those resources perform as if they are inside the company’s network. Comcast Business provides a private, layer 2 Ethernet connection with speeds up to 10-Gig for secure, reliable and consistent performance,” said Mike Louden, Region Vice President, Comcast Business.

Comcast Business offers the following services out of Cyxtera Data Centers

  • Ethernet – Scalable, high-performance point-to-point and multipoint Ethernet service over a national fiber network. With capacity from 1 Mbps up to 100 Gbps, Comcast Business Ethernet includes Ethernet Dedicated Internet, Ethernet Private Line, Ethernet Virtual Private Line and Ethernet Network Service.
  • Connectivity Solutions for Hybrid Infrastructure – With connectivity to multiple major cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud, as well as 23 Cyxtera data centers nationwide, Comcast Business can provide a secure, reliable network that scales with your business.

Learn more about Comcast Business in the Cyxtera Marketplace.

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