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The old business model is changing: Future-proof your IT infrastructure today

The last 12 months have seen unprecedented change, and in many ways the disruption we’re seeing across industries is just beginning. As businesses strive to keep up with today’s more sophisticated and tech-enabled...

Cyxtera Technologies • 2 minute read

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Moving AI Out of the Shadows Means No More Model Debt

If you’ve spent any time in IT, you’ve heard the term “shadow” applied to instances where employees have gone rogue and are utilizing systems and software that they (or their department) have purchased without...

Holland Barry and Tony Paikeday • 7 minute read

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Data Centers

The Wait Is Over: Cyxtera’s DGX-based AI/ML Compute as a Service Has Arrived

NVIDIA DGX-Ready data centers help streamline access and accelerate AI development. At Cyxtera, we’ve raised the bar by becoming the first global data center operator that can deliver access to subscription-based...

Cyxtera Technologies • 2 minute read

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We’re Joining the Fight Against COVID-19

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought together many organizations to leverage their capabilities to help combat the disease. That’s the idea behind Folding@home, a distributed computing project used...

Holland Barry • 2 minute read

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Data Centers

Cyxtera Partners with NVIDIA to Enable AI Workloads

AI applications are growing at an aggressive rate. With more IoT and machines sensors being deployed, the amount of data that will need to be managed and processed at low-latency rates is skyrocketing. Some industry...

Cyxtera Technologies • 1 minute read


Data Centers

Perspectives on the State of the Data Center

Randy Rowland, President and GM of Cyxtera Data Center Services at Cyxtera, participated in an Executive Roundtable conducted by Data Center Frontier. The publication features insights on the state of the data center...

David Murphy • 1 minute read

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