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Trend Forecast 2021: Second verse, same as the first

You might have read my previous post, where I talked about what I see on the horizon for data centers. In it, I talked about how much of what I’m seeing is simply a continuation of what began last year as companies...

Mitch Fonseca • 4 minute read

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Data Centers

The old business model is changing: Future-proof your IT infrastructure today

The last 12 months have seen unprecedented change, and in many ways the disruption we’re seeing across industries is just beginning. As businesses strive to keep up with today’s more sophisticated and tech-enabled...

Russell Cozart • 2 minute read

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Interconnection and the Enterprise

In today’s challenging and complex climate, Hybrid IT is more important than ever. As enterprises rely on distributed, diverse, connected Hybrid IT to quickly expand public and private cloud resources, access...

Damion Lackamp • 2 minute read

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Data Centers

Zadara Enterprise Storage as a Service Available On Demand in Cyxtera Data Centers

Optimized for a Hybrid IT Enterprise strategy, Zadara offers all of the technical functionality required by digital businesses without the cost and complexity of owning and managing storage infrastructure.Data is one of...

Lael Hester • 2 minute read

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451 Research Interconnection Series: Classifying Workloads for Edge Affinity

How are enterprises classifying select workloads for their edge affinity? 451 Research and Cyxtera discuss. All applications are different and as such require different latency tolerance and mission criticality. These...

David Murphy • 1 minute read

Hybrid IT, Colocation

Data Centers

451 Research Interconnection Series: What are Some Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Use Cases?

What are the Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Use Cases? 451 Research and Cyxtera discuss. Hybrid and multi-cloud is the future for most enterprises. As you investigate your strategy, it’s best to focus on the use cases that make the...

David Murphy • 1 minute read

Hybrid IT, Connectivity

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