Gold Support

In today’s environment, organizations of all types are required to stretch their IT budgets as far as possible.

Meanwhile, their IT staffs are required to address a growing range of day-to-day maintenance requests, while balancing such requests with longer-term strategic initiatives and projects. In such an environment, either turn-around times on day-to-day requests or project deadlines for strategic initiatives are bound to suffer.

With Gold Support service, we can help you restore focus on strategic IT initiatives, by managing routine remote hands services, such as server reboots, telecommunications support, rack and stack, OS loads, and tape back-ups on your organization’s behalf.


Monthly Recurring Gold Support

Purchase a block of hours for use each month—ideal for organizations that have routine monthly maintenance activities. Unused hours do not roll over at the end of the month.

Prepaid Gold Support

Purchase a block of hours that do not expire, once you utilize your hours, you may buy another block or receive additional Ad-Hoc Gold Support—ideal for organizations that periodic support needs that may vary month to month.

Ad-hoc Gold Support

Requested on an “as needed” basis, billed hourly, in 60 minute increments. This option is often used by clients who do not know their remote hands needs in advance. You may upgrade to a monthly or prepaid plan at any time and lower your effective hourly rate.

With these options, Gold Support can help your organization maintain IT staff productivity and manage travel costs, by eliminating trips to the data center for certain everyday activities. You also benefit from Cyxtera’s expertise in handling support requests for organizations of all sizes, across a broad range of industries.

Maintains Your Focus and Augments Your Staff

Gold Support Services permit you to focus on strategic initiatives and projects, while Cyxtera handles everyday maintenance requests.

Enhances your Productivity

By having Cyxtera manage your maintenance activities, your staff can reduce the number of trips to Cyxtera data center locations thus freeing them up to perform other activities.

Keeps Costs Manageable

Three convenient billing options are available to accommodate your organization’s customized needs.

Provides Access to Expertise

Gold Support Services are managed by IT Infrastructure professionals, who have the experience and knowledge that is based on performing maintenance activities on a daily basis. These resources are available on a 24/7 basis.