AppGate Insight

Unprecedented visibility into your AWS environments

DevOps and cloud administrators know that AWS VPC traffic flow logs often hold the key to identifying hidden risks in large east/west network traffic.

However, wading through these voluminous data sets is a resource intensive and inefficient challenge. And doing it at scale is almost impossible. Discovering unknown (and potentially threatening) internal and external network connections puts critical systems and data at risk of cyber attack.

AppGate Insight provides cloud and network architects unprecedented visibility into all of the network traffic involving their complex AWS environments.

“Breach timelines…paint a rather dismal picture—with…times to discovery and containment staying firmly in the months camp.” – Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report
Visualize what connections are putting you at risk

The genius of AWS is its ability to support a rapid DevOps environment. Servers are spun up and down as needed. But it’s a complex network environment that can be rife with unknown and suspect traffic that may be putting critical systems at risk.
AppGate Insight is a powerful software appliance. It delivers human friendly visual maps of your AWS connectivity in minutes. Surface unusual traffic patterns based on time of day and volume, discover traffic to and from unintended assets or IP end points, and unauthorized users and identify misconfigured network devices.

Gain a simple view of large, complex AWS network traffic logs and IaaS infrastructure.

Ask detailed questions about connectivity within an AWS environment with an easy-to-use query framework.

Create regulatory compliance snapshots and dashboards.

Reduce AWS spend, management and compliance costs

In addition to potential risks, unknown traffic to and from your AWS environment may incur increased network costs and impact performance. With AppGate Insight, DevOps and cloud admins can readily understand traffic logs and manage IaaS inventory. This can reduce OpEx by quickly identifying unused resources. AppGate Insight’s heightened visibility also lowers management and compliance costs by reducing the audit scope and time required to provide proof of scope boundary.