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AppGate SDP v5.0

Server Software Downloads

Use these files to build new virtualized appliances:

Virtual machine ISO installer v5.0
Generic disk image v5.0. This image can be used for non cloud platforms such as: KVM, Nutanix, ESX, Hyper-V and VirtualBox.
OpenStack disk image v5.0

See: Installing the first appliance

If you want to upgrade an existing appliance please contact support. Please take careful note of the upgrade information in the Release Notes. We will initially be providing assistance with all upgrades to v5.0 so please contact:

Use the latest upgrade script which is available here:

Get: The latest upgrade script
See: Upgrading appliances

A password is required for Server Software Downloads - please contact

Checksums for the server software can be found here.

NOTE: v4.0 (and older) Clients are no longer compatible with this version of software.

Client Software Downloads

Version 5.0 includes the initial release of the second generation AppGate SDP Client. Either this or the v4.x Client can be used with v5.0 so both are shown below. 

At this time the second generation Clients are only available for desktop operating systems. Mobile Clients will be released in due course.

NOTE: Since v4.1 Clients, it is possible to push this new update out to Clients automatically. Client Auto-Update.

For Windows

The Windows Client supports normal, headless and SSO/PLAP modes. There are new install time options in this release. See the admin guide for details.

Windows Client v5.0

Windows Client v4.3.2

Works with Windows 7SP1 or newer. The Client has the following prerequisites:

  • All systems: .NET 4.5 or newer. 
  • Systems older than Windows 10: this update.
  • Windows 7SP1: this update


The macOS Client only supports normal mode.

macOS Client v5.0

macOS Client v4.3.2

Works from OSX/macOS version 10.12.6 through to 10.14.x.

The v5.0 Client includes beta support for macOS version 10.15.0 (Catalina). Please report any issues to


The Linux Client supports normal and headless modes. There are separate installers for these two options. See the admin guide for details. 

Ubuntu Client v5.0

Ubuntu Client v4.3.2

Ubuntu Headless Client v5.0

Ubuntu Headless Client v4.3.1

Works with Ubuntu 16.04 or later. Network manager 1.2.4 or later and gnome-keyring are required.

Fedora Client v5.0

Fedora Client v4.3.2

Fedora Headless Client v5.0

Fedora Headless Client v4.3.1

Works with Fedora 29 and 30.

Mobile App Downloads

Mobile apps for the Client can be found in the respective app stores. These may differ from the Desktop version numbers.


The iOS client is available from the Apple App Store.

Download on the App Store

For Android

The Android client is available from Google Play.

Get it on Google Play