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Operational and Cyber Risk and Resiliency Services

FortressAS is an expert in Cyber and Operational Risk and Resilience.

The FortressAS Recovery Centre, linked to the Cyxtera network and data centres, is the most advanced in the UK. It delivers a modern, bright and comfortable space providing a point of focus for your customers, staff and regulators at a critical time.

We pride ourselves on delivering the fastest recovery possible and being a good team to work with.

Elite – Dedicated Work Area Recovery

Our Elite service is a bespoke design, build and manage service. We will work with you, bringing our many years of experience, to design your ideal recovery facility that will be available specifically for your staff at time of incident.

This service is ideal if your business needs to meet regulation to be back trading within two hours whatever the situation.

Advanced – Syndicated Work Area Recovery

Our Advanced service offers access to Recovery Suites with two-hours of notification. The Recovery Suites provide the full office infrastructure including desks, chairs, PCs, screens and telephony.

Each work suite is physically and digitally secure with swipe card access and its own Local Area Network (LAN). Each has a separate switch to prevent data bleed and can be configured to link to the up to 1Gbps internet or your own network.

Both services offer onward network connectivity to Cyxtera’s UK and global data centre facilities.

Having a permanent office space at a location that’s easy to get to, with IT infrastructure and connectivity set up and ready to go, is a must-have to put your crisis management team and key executives back in control quickly.

Our services and solutions reduce the chance of disruption and help mitigate the effect of a disaster should it happen.

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