Accelerate your AI/ML-powered workloads on your own dedicated infrastructure.

Have your artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workloads outgrown your existing infrastructure? Not all data centers are ready to scale AI/ML-powered workloads. But we are.

At Cyxtera, we’ve raised the bar by becoming the first global data center operator that can deliver access to subscription-based NVIDIA DGX A100 systems via our landmark compute as a service offering.

Server DescriptionNo. CoresCPU Speed (GHz)RAM (GB)Storage SSD (TB)NVMe (TB)
DGX A100 SYSTEM 8X 40GB GPUS SYST AMD Rome77421282.251024-19.2
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NVIDIA DGX A100 System Highlights

The world’s first 5 petaFLOPS AI system.

Robust security posture for your AI enterprise.

Replaces legacy compute architecture with a single, unified system.

Fully optimized for end-to end NVIDIA data center solution stack.

Ideal for both single node deployments and large scale Slurm and Kubernetes clusters with the combination of dense compute power and complete workload flexibility.

Fastest I/O architecture of any NVIDIA DGX system.

Universal for all AI workloads, from analytics to training to inference.

Unprecedented compute density.

GPUs can be used for large jobs and divided into as many as 56 separate/ fully isolated instances, with dedicated high bandwidth memory, cache, and compute cores.

Accelerate AI

AI/ML Compute as a Service, Powered by NVIDIA DGX™ A100

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