Hospitality Got An Upgrade With Enterprise Bare Metal.

Boosting performance, control and customer experience for global hospitality technology leader, Tevalis, with Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal.


Tevalis have been operating since 2005, and through market research, Managing Director James Cook discovered that most F&B led POS systems were off the shelf solutions with no flexibility. Tevalis now support over 8,000 Point of Sale systems across the UK and Europe with a growing framework of on-premises, enterprise, and integrated technology solutions.

Due to their business model and success, the company has rapidly grown year on year and now have a team of more than 120 based at the UK headquarters in Hull. Tevalis has experienced organic growth internationally and now has a team supporting operations worldwide.

Tevalis Case Study


With Tevalis’ customer database growing exponentially, the existing private cloud infrastructure built on a fully managed MSP model was lacking the flexibility and speed they needed to meet the IT requirements of their rapidly growing business.

Tevalis sought a partner that could reduce complexity and resource sprawl between hosting providers. The new solution needed to scale quickly and support growth, while simplifying management through best of class technologies.


Softcat, jointly with Cyxtera, approached Tevalis to offer a solution that could address their IT requirements and growth plans and also be the right fit for their infrastructure. After sizing the existing environment and evaluating the challenges Tevalis was experiencing, they recommended Cyxtera’s Enterprise Bare Metal platform as it offered the flexibility, control, and performance of enterprise-class dedicated infrastructure. With Cyxtera’s solution, Tevalis achieved the autonomy and speed needed by accessing automated provisioning for compute and network, and the ability to scale on-demand by adding compute capacity in a seamless and efficient manner.

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With Cyxtera’s Enterprise Bare Metal we have the ability to provision additional capacity on-demand; this allows us to provide a consistent experience to our fast growing customer base.

Jake Langford, IT Manager EMEA


Softcat’s team effectively project managed the key vendors throughout the project – from onboarding to configuration and deployment – to ensure the new solution was seamlessly integrated without any disruptions. Pre-sales and sizing of the environment was jointly delivered by Cyxtera and Softcat, and a Solutions Architect was assigned from Softcat for seamless implementation of the solution.

Some of the benefits that Tevalis achieved by leveraging Cyxtera’s Enterprise Bare Metal platform are:

  • Increased performance of their IT applications and functions by using only 50% of their capacity, effectively allowing them to double the number of customers on the platform.
  • Decreased client report upload and generation times by up to 97%.
  • Reduced client contact and improved client experience caused by infrastructure capacity by 96%.
  • Delivered the ability to generate massive sales reports for $200–$300 million in transactions for clients in as little as 6 minutes.

In addition, Cyxtera’s solution aligns with Tevalis’ core business strategy and global expansion plan. Cyxtera has a global footprint of 62 data centres in 29 markets, which allows Tevalis to leverage the same platform and achieve a seamless experience across the board.

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