IP Connect

Connect your environment to end-users without waiting for a carrier. Instantly provision IP service.

Your business needs connectivity now, not in weeks or months, and IT capacity requirements are difficult to forecast. Yet most providers still don’t deliver quick, flexible or agile business IP to enable enterprises to react quickly to new and often unpredictable digital requirements. This puts enterprises at the risk of either over-provisioning bandwidth and incurring unnecessary costs or under-provisioning and not being able to meet business requirements.

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Blended IP

Achieve superior resiliency and data transfer speeds compared to a single provider solution.

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Faster time to solution

Provision on demand via our customer portal via the Command Center.

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Respond quickly to new requirements

Instanty adjust bandwidth via API or web console, including bursable limits, to match demand.

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Reduce IT costs

Pay-as-you-go for remote network provisioning and configuration.

Connect Faster. Connect Smarter.

IP Connect gives you the flexibility and bandwidth you need, when and where you need it. No more lengthy service delivery times. No more fuss. Deploy IP Connect in minutes, without waiting weeks for circuit turn-up with traditional carriers, and benefit from our fault-tolerant connectivity via multiple Tier 1 IP backbones. IP Connect is available in capacities from 10 Mbps to 5 Gbps, burstable up to 10 Gbps.

IP Connect includes

Multi-homed connection
Leased IPv4 address blocks
Fixed and burstable bandwidth options
Cross connect from your Unified Services Port is included

How It Works

IP Connect is delivered over our Digital Exchange. When deploying, customers choose an initial Committed Information Rate (CIR), with options to configure for bursting. Utilization over the CIR is subject to an overage charge, but customers may adjust their CIR at any time via the Cyxtera Command Center.

IP Connect CIR Options

1 GbpsSingle-mode
10 GbpsSingle-mode


Cyxtera offers multiple protocols to support specific routing and access requirements:

Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP)

BYOIP gives you complete control over your IP reputation, simplifies adding IP Connect to your existing network infrastructure, and helps you navigate compliance and regulatory policies. In addition to standard static default routing, you can also bring you your own IPv4 public addresses and add Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). You may provide your own public Anonymous System Number ( ASN ) or we can provide a Cyxtera-owned ASN during provisioning. Route advertisement types can be further configured in the Command Center or via API.

Private IP Security and Remote Access (NAT and VPN)

Use our advanced functions for Network Address Translation (NAT) for private IP security. Allow multiple devices to access the Internet through a single public address and eliminate address renumbering when your network evolves. NAT can also be used for VPN tunneling to enable remote access to your company’s servers and network.

Order IP Connect

If you’re an existing Digital Exchange customer, order IP Connect directly from within the Command Center. If you’re new to Cyxtera, you can contact us for more information.

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IP Connect Guide

For more details on deploying and configuring IP Connect, visit our Documentation guide.

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