Cross Connect

Quickly initiate direct, secure, high-performance cabled connections with the networks, partners, and services your enterprise needs to scale digital business operations and accelerate growth.

We offer one of the most densely connected footprints in the industry, with global consistency for the secure network- and cloud-neutral interconnection model at the heart of each of our facilities.

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Increase performance

Reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and improve network performance and reliability.

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Improve traffic flow

Direct connections to all Cyxtera locations, major carrier hotels, and interconnect points.

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Reduce latency

Simple, low-latency connections between data center customers.

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Secure connections

Secure provider and customer neutral interconnection within Cyxtera data centers.

A world of capability, just a cross-connect away

Cross Connects are used to complete connections with other ecosystem members such as carriers, ISPs or other customers with a presence in our Meet Me Rooms. They can also be used to connect POTS lines from the Telco Room.

Cross Connects are available through our Ecosystem Connect bundle into Cyxtera Network Panels, you access to our Meet Me Rooms, our Digital Exchange and our market provider ecosystem.

Cross Connects At-a-Glance

Support for all common media types including single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, CAT6, and COAX
Pre-provisioned cable bundles in standard connection counts link customer spaces and the Meet Me Room
Cross connects are ordered and inventoried in the Command Center

Order Cross Connects

If you’re an existing Digital Exchange customer, order cross connects directly from within the Command Center. If you’re exploring colocation as part of your hybrid IT, contact us to get started. We’re glad to help answer any questions.

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Cross Connect Guide

To learn more about creating and configuring Cross Connects, please visit our Documentation guide.

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The importance of customer-centric connectivity

Efficiently connect to your environments while containing costs and enabling your hybrid IT to rapidly scale. Your business is always the focus of each of our interconnection solutions.

Learn more about our approach

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Metro Connect

Create direct, secure connections between any Cyxtera location, major carrier hotel, or interconnect point within a metro area.

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Cloud On-Ramps

Save on egress costs by establishing direct connections to leading cloud providers.

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