Software-Defined Segmentation for the Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Security begins with knowing what’s running in your data center or cloud. Grouping virtual assets is a first step toward micro-segmentation—a concept at the heart of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and software-defined data centers.

Discover, Visualize, Analyze

AppGate Insight automatically and continuously discovers all assets in your virtual fabric, allows the grouping of these assets into logical TrustZones® and visualizes asset relationships and the east-west traffic flows between them for improved analytics.

Inventory your entire virtual asset library in real time

Perfect Inventory
Workload-Centric Visualization
Real-Time Updating
Deployment Notifications

Logically group (micro-segments) your virtual assets

Policy-Based Grouping
Adaptive Segmentations
Real-Time Traffic Flow

Gain full visibility of all your virtual assets’ interactions

East-West Traffic Flow
Asset Information & Network Event Logs
Rich User Interface

Analyze traffic patterns within your virtual fabric

Tightening Security Policies
Attribute-Based Traffic Analysis
Quicken Response Time