Security & Analytics

AppGate sdp: Features And Benefits

Adaptive and Individualized 


Context-aware security

Automated policies make access decisions based on attributes from device, user, target service and the entire IT ecosystem.

Secure device onboarding

Uniquely identify devices through a secure onboarding and fingerprinting process.

Step-up authentication

Prompt users for one-time passwords as they access sensitive resources driven by policy.

Segment of one

Individualized network segments are dynamically created for each user, based on attributes such as their identity, device profile, location and authentication method.

Secure Access for Remote and On-Premises Users

AppGate supports the modern workforce by securing access wherever users may be, inside and outside the network perimeter.

Adaptive access entitlements

Detect changes to service, user, device or IT ecosystem and automatically adjust user access accordingly. 

Built like the Cloud



Designed to scale with the patented ability to meet performance requirements of even the largest enterprise.

Resilient and Highly Available

Purpose-built for resiliency, with ability to deploy high availability clusters for all key system components. Patented technology enables client failover without interruption. 

Centralized policy management

Consistent policy management and enforcement.


Able to be easily deployed across infrastructure, bringing security as close as possible to each protected application.

Single unified platform

Provides consistent security in any environment.

Seamless integration

Works with any third-party identity management .

Hidden from Prying Eyes


Fully Cloaked network

All systems are completely dark to all unauthorized users. They cannot be probed, scanned or attacked.

Secure, encrypted communications

User traffic is encrypted as it is received from the device, with mutual TLS ensuring privacy and integrity across even the most insecure of networks.

Protected by Single-Packet Authorization (SPA)

All components are protected by SPA, which cryptographically validates devices before they’re permitted to connect.

Integrated Security and Business policies

Align network security with business processes, such as restricting access unless a valid service desk ticket exists.