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AppGate SDP


Cyxtera support solutions are designed to provide the best user experience and to allow IT departments to clearly plan support requirements for their organization. The information in the table below provides an overview of current versions and support available by product and product version. Enhanced support and services can be acquired from Cyxtera.

Product Support Life-cycle Definitions
Full Support

Feature packs, installation support, and product enhancements are being developed, and external references are maintained.


Product is still supported but no longer being developed. For new features and feature packs the customer would need to upgrade.

If you require a software upgrade please visit the support portal. Maintenance (Software Subscription) is available at the time of purchase, which can greatly decrease the solution cost over time. Contact your Cyxtera sales representative for more information. Maintenance cannot be purchased instead of an upgrade.

Supported Solutions
AppGate SDP VersionSupport Status
3.3Full Support

Clients and appliances within an AppGate SDP Version are always compatible - so a 3.1.7 clinet and 3.1.2 appliance would be fully compatible. Client backward compatibility is maintained for two AppGate Versions - so a 3.1.7 client should still work against a 3.3.3 server.

Security Advisories
TitleIDSeverityProducts AffectedFirst PublishedLast Published
SAML Authentication Bypass PDF2018-03-002LowAppGate SDP2018-03-122018-03-12
CPU vulnerability: Meltdown and Spectre PDF2018-01-001LowAppGate SDP and AppGate Classic (all versions)2018-01-082018-03-09
Shell access and information disclosure PDF2017-06-08MediumAppGate Classic before version
Information Disclosure on Management Interface PDF2017-05-0001HighAppGate (previously known as AppGate XDP) appliances with Controller role, version 3.1.1 and earlier.  AppGate Classic appliances are not affected.2017-05-182017-05-18