Adopt a Focused Approach to Zero Trust

Distributed, on-demand IT created a security problem. With more assets to defend and more complexity to overcome, security leaders are stuck solving today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. Cyxtera Essential Defense offers a straightforward framework for achieving Zero Trust.

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Become a smaller target, making resources invisible and resilient to threat actors

Secure Your Access

Adopt an identity-centric, Zero Trust mindset that factors in context before granting access

Neutralize Your Adversaries

Proactively detect and remove internal and external threats targeting your organization

Companies we help protect

Cyxtera Essential Defense

Zero Trust Suite of Solutions 

Appgate SDP

Software-Defined Perimeter and Microsegmentation

Accelerate your journey to Zero Trust with a better approach to network security

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Unified, Multi-factor Authentication

Provide an additional layer of protection in a unified way, across all enterprise users and workloads

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Digital Threat Protection

Proactive Threat Mitigation

Eliminate external threats with comprehensive monitoring, analysis and removal

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Threat Management & Analytics

Offensive, Defensive and Analytics Services

A portfolio of offensive and defensive data-driven threat analytics, advisory and incident response services to help protect your entire enterprise

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Watch the Zero Trust In-Depth Analysis

Featured speaker, Gartner’s VP of Research and Cyxtera’s VP of Product breakdown Zero Trust Network Security and the Software-Defined Perimeter.

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How to Remove Complexity as a Threat

Join Leo Taddeo, CISO and former Special Agent in Charge of the Special Operations/Cyber Division of the FBI (NYC) addresses the mounting complexity security professionals face today.

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VPN is Dead

Learn how antiquated approaches to security fail to protect today’s hybrid, distributed and mobile IT. 

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