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A new kind of security company. A new kind of data center company.

Welcome to Cyxtera—where world-class infrastructure and modern security come together.

Enterprise IT has never been more diverse, distributed or dynamic. It's never been more interconnected or more agile. Yet despite all the advances in infrastructure technology, infrastructure security has remained unchanged and uninspired. Static, not dynamic. Bound by perimeters in a world without borders.

We need a new way to think about security. We need solutions designed for today. Responsive. Resilient. Integrated and intelligent. That’s why we built Cyxtera.

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A brand new company—and a global leader in colocation with 50+ best-in-class data centers worldwide.

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Infrastructure Security

See the future of security—here and now. Cyxtera is where industry-defining solutions are taking form today.

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Cyxtera Launches Global Channel Partner Program

September 25, 2017 - Service Providers, Integrators & Master Agents Team with Cyxtera for Secure Infrastructure Solutions