Accelerate time-to-market with instant access to power, space, and connectivity.

Benefit from the scale and speed of the cloud while retaining the control, performance, and security of dedicated infrastructure. SmartCabs are on-demand colocation cabinets featuring built-in power and an integrated, configurable, core network fabric.

Cyxtera Smart Cabs

Increase business agility with flexible infrastructure.

Achieve the performance, security, and reliability your applications demand while simultaneously gaining financial and operational flexibility. From predictable monthly costs to the ability to deploy infrastructure on-demand, SmartCabs helps you get started faster, which means you always have access to the space you need - without the risk of over provisioning. We also offer multiple configurations that make it easy to suit your needs.

4kW Full Cabinets

2kW Half Cabinets

1kW Quarter Cabinets
All cabinet hardware including enhanced locking

30A/208V A+B or 20A/208V A+B

Horizontal or vertical (full cabinets only) PDUs

Offering between 8 RUs and 44 RUs of space
Patch panel with fiber and copper ports

6 bundle Ecosystem Connect

Access to Digital Exchange, Cyxtera's Configurable Core Network Fabric

Manage your entire infrastructure remotely.

With Cyxtera’s self-service customer portal or API, you can instantly deploy and dynamically configure your end-to-end colocation infrastructure in a cloud-like, on-demand model that offers rapid connectivity through our integrated Layer 3 bandwidth solution, IP Connect, as well as direct, on-demand access to Cyxtera’s massively scalable and highly secure configurable network and our robust ecosystem of technology providers. Integrated access to our team of Remote Hands gives you the ability to leverage Cyxtera’s on-site teams for any additional set-up and maintenance needs.

Minimize both upfront costs and total cost of ownership (TCO).

SmartCabs enables you totake advantage of our predictable and cost-effective monthly pricing model, allowing you to avoid large capital expenditures, data center maintenance costs, and escalating cloud egress fees. To start saving, order your SmartCab through our customer portal or contact us to learn more.