Remote Hands

On-site and hands-on support for your environment.

Our Remote Hands support (formerly known as Gold Support), you get around-the-clock support from our expert technical team. With Remote Hands, we perform your IT management and maintenance tasks, saving you the time and expense of sending your personnel to the datacenter.

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Around the clock support

For your routine and unexpected technical service and maintenance needs.

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Access to an expert technical team

Who have the right certifications, experience, and tools to get the job done.

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Saving you time and expense

Eliminate trips to the data center by outsourcing your IT services.

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Options to keep costs manageable

Billing options designed to accommodate your unique needs.

Remote Hands

Remote Hands support services are performed by IT Infrastructure professionals who have the experience and knowledge based on performing maintenance activities daily.​

Remote Hands

Our technical expert team is an extension of your IT staff and available around the clock, 24/7/365. The team can perform routine services scheduled in advance or, if needed, respond to your urgent or unexpected needs.​

Remote Hands support services

Remote Hands support services are available on-demand to address unexpected technical service and maintenance needs, or scheduled in advance for routine, planned activities.​

Scheduled Services

  • Upgrading disk drive capacity by installing new or additional drives
  • Installing newly received equipment under specific instructions
  • Adding memory cards
  • Configuring routers, switches, and other network equipment under specific instructions
  • Equipment inventory and labeling
  • Cross connect inventory and labeling
  • Support during planned, routine-type maintenance activities
  • Cage/Environment temperature analysis
  • Shipping and receiving

On-Demand Services

  • Cycling power on your equipment
  • Visual equipment checks
  • Attaching monitor, keyboard, mouse, or consoles to equipment
  • Replacing your hardware components with spares/upgrades
  • Changing labeled cables
  • Customer-approved escorts
  • Loading of media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, or USB media)
  • Troubleshooting of physical ports, including non-Cyxtera provided telecommunication circuits
  • Entering commands according to your detailed instructions and relaying system responses
  • Executing built-in diagnostics according to your instructions
  • Perform other tasks requiring a similar skill level where immediate action is required


You can purchase Remote Hands and Remote Hands with Visual Assist services as a monthly subscription, in pre-paid support blocks, or on-demand. Remote Hands with Visual Assist is billed with a 60-minute minimum requirement per support ticket and in 15-minute increments after that. Remote Hands with Visual Assist services are only available in select cities (engage your account team for further details).

Monthly Recurring Subscription

Monthly Recurring Subscription

A fixed block of support hours purchased each month.

  • Support hours provided at Customer’s request during a calendar month are subtracted from the number of hours purchased.
  • Unused hours may not be carried into successive months.
  • Customer shall remit payment for all hours in such fixed block regardless of whether hours are used.
  • Overages are charged at the On-Demand rate.
Pre-Paid Support Blocks

Pre-Paid Support Blocks

Non-recurring fixed blocks of support hours purchased and consumed over several months.

  • Support hours provided at Customer’s request are subtracted from the number of hours purchased until exhausted.
  • Overages are charged at the On-Demand rate.

On-Demand Support

Purchased for those instances where there are unplanned events and Remote Hands hours are not purchased in advance.

  • Attention: On-Demand support is subject to availability.

Request Remote Hands Services

If you’re an existing Exchange customer, request Remote Hands directly from within the Command Center. If you’re new to Cyxtera, you can contact us for more information.

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Remote Hands Guide

To learn more about managing your colocation environment with Remote Hands, please visit our Documentation guide.

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