HPE ProLiant Bare Metal Node Configurations

Node ModelsDescriptionNo. CoresCPU Speed (GHz)RAM (GB)Storage HDD (TB)Storage SSD (TB)
HPX0HPE DL160 Gen 10 - Intel Silver 4280 (Single Proc)82.1962.000.2
HPX1HPE DL325 Gen 10 Plus – AMD 7302P (Single Proc)163.01282.000.2
HPX2HPE DL360 (Hybrid) – Intel Silver 4208162.13848.003.8
HPX3HPE DL360 (Hybrid) – Intel Silver 4214242.27688.003.8
HPX4HPE DL360 (Hybrid) – Intel Silver 4214242.27684.001.4
HPX5HPE DL360 (All Flash) - Intel Gold 6246243.3768--11.5
HPX6HPE DL385 G10 Plus - AMD 7302 (Dual Proc)323.05124.001.9
HPX7HPE DL380 (Hybrid) - Intel Gold 5218322.376848.03.8
HPX8HPE DL385 G10 Plus - AMD 7502 (Dual Proc)642.51,0244.01.9

Supported HPE Features

HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO)


Data center space and power

Core network and top of rack switches

Compute and local storage hardware platform

Hardware repair maintenance and support w/ OEM

24x7 data center operations