Connectivity Fundamentals

Companies using hybrid IT systems often find their connections overly complex, slow, expensive, and unreliable. There’s a better way.

With our Cyxtera Interconnection capability, you can help reduce costs, increase your bandwidth and throughput, and simplify your interconnection environment. To establish digital interconnection, you must be a Digital Exchange customer.

Ecosystem Illustration

At the heart of every Cyxtera data center is the Meet Me Room

Meet Me Rooms (MMRs) are secure locations within our data centers where interconnection services deploy and ecosystem members connect. The MMR is either a cage, room, or secure cabinet, monitored by Cyxtera security personnel via Closed-Circuit cameras. In this location, cabling from our customer environments terminate, giving access to the larger ecosystem within our campuses.

How It Works

Within the MMR, you can access other ecosystem members with a Cross Connect between passive panels. Passive panels deployed within the MMR are termination points for the Ecosystem Connect bulk cabling product, connecting your environment to the MMR. Ecosystem connections terminate at a mirrored passive panel in your cabinet or cage space on the raised floor of the data center.

Meet Me Room Icon

One Meet Me Room policy

We employ a One Meet Me Room policy meaning all MMRs act as one regardless of where they are located in the Cyxtera suite, building or campus. We maintain the fiber infrastructure between MRRs so customers don’t have to worry connecting over the internal network.

As a general rule, all connections are made through the Meet Me Room.

Introducing the Ecosystem Connect Bundle

We operate a standard, centralized management of interconnection between ecosystem members within our data centers. As part of our data center interconnection design, Ecosystem Connect is the “on ramp” for connecting to carriers, content providers, cloud providers, financial exchanges and other enterprise customers.

Ecosystem Connect is used solely for connecting your environment to the Meet Me Room. Once installed, you’re able to complete connections to data center services and other ecosystem members by ordering a Cross Connect.

Additionally, being an Ecosystem Connect gives your company access to our Cyxtera Platform via Cross Connect. Our Platform is available through the Digital Exchange Port in the Meet Me Room, giving access to IP Connect, Enterprise Bare Metal, and Digital Cross Connects, among other services and ecosystem providers.

Interconnection Diagram

Ecosystem Connect Bundles

Connections from colocation cabinets and cages to the Meet Me Room are made via Ecosystem Connect bundles. These bundles are available in standard connection counts and serve as your on-ramp to all interconnection services.

Available Ecosystem Connect bundle types and sizes

Number of Connections

Cabling Media and Connectors

Cyxtera provides multiple physical cabling options for Ecosystem Connect deployments. Single-mode fiber is the standard media utilized for Ecosystem Connect, however multi-mode fiber, copper and coaxial cable are also available. Common cable connectors are included based on the media selected.

Physical Cabling and Standard Connectors available include:

Supported MediaConnector
Single-mode Fiber (SMF)LC
OM4 Multi-mode Fiber (MMF)LC
CAT6 Copper (Ethernet / DS1)RJ45

How can we connect you?

To get started with Ecosystem Connect in your Cyxtera colocation environment, contact your sales rep or contact us to become a Cyxtera customer.

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Ecosystem Connect Guide

To learn more about Ecosystem Connect, please visit our Documentation guide.

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