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Closer to the data center than ever before.

Monitor, manage, and control your infrastructure from anywhere with our dedicated platform.

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Intuitive dashboards

A user-friendly, mobile-optimized UI makes it easy to gather insights and take action from any device.

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Detailed reports

Create custom reports from any view and export your data to common formats with one click.

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Constant activity monitoring

See everything that happens in your data centers in real-time, from power utilization to visitor access.

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Enterprise personnel management

Manage your teams with enterprise level control and security, including protections like badge access, 2FA, and user logs.

Powerful functionality that accelerates your time-to-market

Achieve your business goals faster with access to everything you need in one place— including hardware configuration, maintenance tasks, and personnel management.
hardware configuration, maintenance tasks, and personnel management
Live and historical views

Actionable information for maximum control

Live and historical views, custom reports, and usage trends give you a full view of your data center environment, letting you operate your infrastructure with complete confidence.

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Rapid access to the interconnection ecosystem

Seamlessly provision direct connections to a marketplace of network and technology service providers. See available providers, review existing connections, and order new ones right within the portal.
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Intelligent automation that simplifies operations

With REST API-driven architecture, you can access any data or tool through code. Build custom integrations and automate recurring tasks with ease.

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Cyxtera Command Center Comparison Chart

Modernize your data center workflow

The Cyxtera Command Center gives you everything you need to control your data center environments from anywhere, at any time.

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