Microsegmentation & Software-Defined Perimeter

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Success Stories
Rackspace CSO on the Software-Defined Perimeter
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“The Network Security We've Been Waiting For”
Rackspace CSO on the Software-Defined Perimeter

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VoiceBase Eliminates Constant VPN Switching, Transforms AWS User Access

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How Datadog Achieved AWS Security and Improved Developer Experience

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How Norwegian Cruise Line Accelerated Its Zero Trust Strategy
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How Norwegian Cruise Line Accelerated Its Zero Trust Strategy

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Kill your VPN Webinar

Cyxtera named a strong performer in the q4 2018 Forrester Wave

Micro-segment your network access

A better approach to secure access



Designed around the user identity, not the IP address. AppGate SDP builds a multi-dimensional profile of a user or device and authorizes users before granting access to micro-segmented networks.


Zero Trust Model

Leverage micro-segmentation to apply the principle of least privilege to the network. It completely reduces the attack surface.


Built Like Cloud, For Cloud

Engineered to operate natively in cloud networks, it’s completely distributed and as scalable as the internet itself.


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