New Cyxtera Portal Simplifies Remote Data Center Management

Cyxtera Customers Able to Simplify Operations, Reduce Costs, and Accelerate Workflows Via API-Driven Platform

April 15, 2021

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Miami, FL April 15, 2021Cyxtera, a global leader in data center colocation and interconnection services, today announced the launch of its new Cyxtera Portal, enabling customers to monitor, manage, and control their digital infrastructure from a single, dedicated platform. Cyxtera’s intelligently automated platform provides real-time visibility into the entire data center environment and all the tools needed to operate distributed infrastructure—helping customers build the foundation they need to achieve their digital business objectives.

The Cyxtera Portal offers best-in-class monitoring and reporting tools, intelligent automation, and rapid connectivity to the robust ecosystem of service providers available across the company’s global data center platform within a unified, device-agnostic interface. The portal is purpose-built to address the key challenges facing modern enterprises as they attempt to manage increasingly distributed digital infrastructure, and as they look to leverage compute, connectivity, and storage resources as close as possible to their end customers. From personnel management and authorization to hardware monitoring and maintenance, the Cyxtera Portal gives enterprises a unified solution for remote data center operations. The intuitive interface provided by the Cyxtera Portal makes this powerful functionality readily accessible, granting enterprises seamless control over their infrastructure, faster time-to-market, and ongoing business agility.

“For many of our customers, their IT and operations staffs must monitor and manage their assets across multiple sites, and they require full visibility into their data center environments from anywhere and at any time,” said Russell Cozart, Cyxtera’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy. “The Cyxtera Portal was built in-house to solve these challenges by providing a powerful and intuitive suite of tools that allows our customers to dynamically manage their data center infrastructure from anywhere, at any time.”

Offering real-time monitoring and management of every aspect of the data center, seamless systems integration, and intelligent automation of recurring tasks, the Cyxtera Portal provides customers with significant benefits in time-savings, interconnection options, and operational simplicity. By managing their infrastructure with the Cyxtera portal, customers will:

  • Accelerate time-to-market. Enterprises can achieve their business goals faster with easy access to real-time data, hardware configuration, maintenance tasks, personnel management, and more.
  • Maximize control. Companies can now operate their remote infrastructure with unmatched visibility into the data center environment alongside a full suite of tools for monitoring and management, greatly reducing the need for staff on the ground.
  • Simplify operations. IT leaders can intelligently automate recurring tasks and entire workflows, onboard new staff, audit assets, and use Cyxtera’s powerful API to seamlessly synchronize data across systems.

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