On-Demand Cabinets

Need more space? Cyxtera's CXD powered data center campuses also allow you to provision colocation cabinets on-demand. 

Just specify the power level and CXD Port speed you want to automatically start the provisioning operation. When that provisioning is complete, you’ll have a cabinet available, connected back into your existing CXD fabric, ready for you to rack and stack additional equipment.

Available Configurations

Cabinet ModelDescriptionAvailable PowerPower DistributionCircuit TypePower StripsCXD Port
2KWCABSecure locking 2kW cabinet & CXD Port20Primary & Redundant208v/30A2 - 208v/30A1Gbps or 10Gbps
4KWCABSecure locking 4kW cabinet & CXD Port24Primary & Redundant208v/30A8.001Gbps or 10Gbps