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We'll stack our data center ops teams up against anybody's. Our technicians work with you to ensure a consistent, future-proof environment for your infrastructure.

Our experienced engineers hold all the major certifications, from PMP and ITIL, to vendor hardware and equipment such as Cisco CCNA and Alcatel Lucent SRC, to data center and structured cabling certifications including BICSI, CDCMP and CDCBP.

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Secure Cabinet

From two to eight kilowatts of power for your critical IT loads, we provide secure cabinets that can be tailored to meet your specific needs while providing access to multiple network and service providers from within our ecosystem. Our data centers offer dedicated locking cabinets, primary and redundant power distribution circuits and single and three-phase circuits ranging from 15 to 100 amps. Our secure cabinets can be tailored to meet your specific needs for reduced downtime and increased compliance.


  • Power strips (Vertical or horizontal mounting)
  • Cross Connects & Patch Panel

Secure Cage

Our customizable cage solutions provide multi-level security for IT infrastructure of any size. Achieving optimal density for your IT infrastructure through a secure cage tailored to meet your specific needs is simple with Cyxtera. In addition to a dedicated space secured by metal or wire mesh walls accessed through a locking door with electronic key-card access control, we provide access to multiple network and service providers from within our ecosystem. Standard features include power allocation from 12KW up to a megawatt, single and three-phase circuits ranging from 15 to 100 amps as well as primary and redundant power distribution circuits with up to 150 percent of allocated power.

  • Cyxtera supplied cabinets (Standard 19” cabinets, 45U, 42” deep)
  • Bring your own cabinets*
  • Power strips (vertical or horizontal mounting)
  • Biometric cage access control

* For safety and building code reasons, all cabinets must be installed by Cyxtera technicians and are subject to installation fees.

Gold Support

Gold Support leverages the experience of our professionals to be your remote hands and eyes to save you time and resources by trouble-shooting minor technical issues, such as:

Monthly Recurring Gold Support

Purchase a block of hours for use each month—ideal for organizations that have routine monthly maintenance activities. Unused hours do not roll over at the end of the month.

Prepaid Gold Support

Purchase a block of hours that do not expire, once you utilize your hours, you may buy another block or receive additional Ad-Hoc Gold Support—ideal for organizations that periodic support needs that may vary month to month.

Ad-hoc Gold Support

Requested on an “as needed” basis, billed hourly, in 15 minute increments. This option is often used by clients who do not know their remote hands needs in advance.  You may upgrade to a monthly or prepaid plan at any time and lower your effective hourly rate.

Structured Cabling

As infrastructure and network specialists, Cyxtera offers end-to-end design-build solutions leveraging our team of professionals with industry standards recognition (BICSI and RCDD) with solutions including architectural, engineering, design and implementation services.

  • Cyxtera manages all wiring from client cage to network room
  • Fully integrated solution that includes cage design, rack layout and rack elevation and the ability to deliver a turnkey environment
  • Reduced deployment time, as structured cabling is built into the delivery of your cage
  • Longer equipment life through improved airflow from properly routed cabling enabling equipment to run cooler.
  • Faster change management through well labeled and documented cabling.
  • Reduced downtime from faster troubleshooting made possible by properly routed, labeled, documented, and tested cabling.
Standards and Compliance
  • National standards for uniform labeling, testing and documentation.
  • Design of data centers in accordance with TIA-942—developed by the • Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) to define planning and building data centers, particularly cable systems and network designs
  • The TIA-942 specification references provide public domain data center requirements for applications and procedures to apply both copper and fiber optic media
Manufacturer Certifications including:

Legrand (Berk-Tek/Ortronics)


CommScope — Uniprise and Systimax

Corning Cable Systems
Fluke Networks









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