On-demand Infrastructure

Security and control of colo. Speed and agility of cloud.

It’s never been easier to expand your existing colocation environment or provision new infrastructure on-demand. With CXD’s On-demand Compute, there are no large capital outlays, no complicated hardware leases, just dedicated hardware when you need it. You maintain full control, with the freedom to deploy your hypervisor and OS of choice, and the ability to scale as you need it. Need more space and power for your growing environment? Order, configure, and link On-demand Cabinets to your CXD environment with a point and click.

On-demand Infrastructure

Point, click and deploy pre-configured servers or nodes dedicated to your environment. Designed to meet a broad range of workload needs, our On-demand Compute options include HPE servers and Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) nodes in a flexible range of physical configurations. Native IPMI level integration means you maintain complete control of the entire stack. Seamless network integration ensures your new compute infrastructure operates as if it’s sitting in your existing colo cage.

CXD Compute Nodes Include:

  • Data center space and power
  • Compute and storage hardware
  • Core network and top of rack switches
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • 24x7 data center operations

Available HPE Bare Metal Node Configurations

Node ModelsDescriptionNo. CoresCPU Speed (GHz)RAM (GB)Storage HDD (TB)Storage SSD (TB)
HPE0HPE DL325 Gen 10 – AMD 7281162.11282.000.2
HPE1HPE DL360 (Hybrid) – Intel Silver 4208162.12568.003.8
HPE2HPE DL360 (Hybrid) – Intel Silver 4214242.25128.003.8
HPE3HPE DL360 (All Flash) – Intel Gold 6246243.3768--11.5
HPE4HPE DL380 (Hybrid) – Intel Gold 5218282.376848.003.8

In Bare Metal and Nutanix Node Configuration Highlights: 

  • Requires colocation with CXD Port and network to access nodes for initial setup 
  • Minimum contract term: 12 months

Supported HPE Features 

  • HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO)

Available Nutanix Appliance Node Configurations

Node ModelsDescriptionNo. CoresCPU Speed (GHz)RAM (GB)Storage HDD (TB)Storage SSD (TB)
NTX0NX-1065-G6 (Hybrid) – Silver 4114 202.212816.01.9
NTX1NX-3060-G6 (Hybrid) – Silver 4116 242.12568.003.8
NTX2.2 NX-3060-G6 (Hybrid) – Silver 4116 242.15128.003.8
NTX3.2NX-3060-G6 (All Flash) – Gold 5120 282.2512--11.5
NTX4NX-8155-G6 (Hybrid) – Gold 6148 402.476848.007.7
NTX5NX-8035-G6 (Hybrid) – Silver 4116 242.151232.03.8

Nutanix Appliance Node Configuration Highlights:

  • Minimum of 3 nodes for a new cluster 
  • Additional nodes are added individually 
  • Minimum contract term: 12 months 
  • Nutanix Prism Starter software license – included
  • Nutanix Acropolis Pro software license - included

Supported Hypervisors 

  • Nutanix Acropolis 
  • VMware ESXi 
  • After initial deployment customers may install the hypervisor of their choice

On-demand Cabinets

Need more space? CXD also allows you to provision colocation cabinets on-demand. Just specify the power level and CXD Port speed you want to automatically start the provisioning operation. When that provisioning is complete, you’ll have a cabinet available, connected back into your existing CXD fabric, ready for you to rack and stack additional equipment.

Available Cabinet Configurations

Cabinet ModelDescriptionAvailable PowerPower DistributionCircuit TypePower StripsCXD Port
2KWCABSecure locking 2kW cabinet & CXD Port20Primary & Redundant208v/30A2 - 208v/30A1Gbps or 10Gbps
4KWCABSecure locking 4kW cabinet & CXD Port24Primary & Redundant208v/30A8.001Gbps or 10Gbps

Lower TCO 25-50 Percent over Hardware in Traditional Colocation

CXD’s consumption-based model lowers the TCO for dedicated IT infrastructure in colocation 25 to 50 percent and shifts expenditures from CapEx to OpEx. CXD also increases IT staff productivity with powerful remote configuration and deployment tools. This reduces operations cost by eliminating the need for on-site staff to rack, stack, configure, or support hardware. With CXD, you can adapt to market changes quickly by scaling capacity on-demand instead of overprovisioning for anticipated loads. Avoid technology lock-in with this hypervisor-agnostic compute offering.

The chart above models the investment comparison between infrastructure purchase and deployed in colocation vs. deployment using Compute Nodes over 3+ years.

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